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  1. Haven't seen anything new on this topic so i thought i might ask the question that many may be thinking....any updates for this? Blue
  2. Here is something i saw that some of us old timer collectors might be interested in... pre order for July release of course. Blue
  3. Hand painted and wired with battery and LED.
  4. Yeti, Awesome "eye candy" as always bud, the build is coming along nicely!! If and when you get the chance i need to talk with you about wiring techniques for lights etc. Also as for the "Used and Grimey", i agree with DarrinG...sounds perfect!! Blue
  5. I recall awhile back purchasing some cast sets from one of our fellow MW members that enclosed this part of the shoulder. I agree that it does restrict the arms from a full range of posing, however it does add extra support for those with non-nimble fingers. Mind you they do have a different detail to them, but i dont think they look bad. (sorry about the blurry images) Blue
  6. How about now?.....now?......maybe now? lol Blue
  7. Lol I'm fully aware of the actual color on actual aircraft...(worked on tomcats for 12 years) but ya i was referring to the actual animation. In Macross they show Max having red lines and Miria having blue lines. Using Mr. March's example: http://www.macross2.net/m3/sdfmacross/variant-vf-1j-milia.htm Blue
  8. Shaorin, Just in case you needed the official paint scheme colors for a tactical paint job..... Blue
  9. Iceblue106

    navy squadrons

    3 navy squadrons i was attached to in which i plan on converting their paint schemes to vf-1's
  10. I could be wrong but i thought the "grey" leg stripes on Miria were suppose to be blue... Blue
  11. i'm guessing 500 USD or higher since the 1/3000 scale still costs around 340 bucks. (on HLJ anyways) http://www.hlj.com/product/YMT00211 Blue
  12. Lol i think he is stuck on the "moms kitchen build" but even a teaser would be nice to quench the eye candy addiction. Blue
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