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  1. nekki

    Macross figures

    I get it , but Macross 7 got me through a difficult period in my life, so yeah.. my obsession.
  2. nekki

    Macross figures

    Macross 7 is my #1 anime and anything of all time. Reserved mine at AmiAmi & MegatreShop (through White Rabbit Express). As this is an exclusive, I'm guessing BBTS just bought some like everyone else, which would explain the markup. I do hope enough sales lead to more M7 figures in the future, we'll see.
  3. nekki

    Macross figures

    Am I finally getting the Nekki Basara figure\statue I always wanted???? https://hobby.dengeki.com/news/1201192/
  4. Managed to get mine from HLJ earlier today, but was sold out hours later. wow these go fast.
  5. Well, one of those was me and it is on the way, can't wait. It'll be my 4th valk (not counting the old Bandai VF19jai & VF17). My displayed collection
  6. nekki

    Nekki Basara Guitar

    Hi guys... been away from the forums for a short while... (1 year? ) So, First off, I'm working on the un-boxing\review for my custom guitar -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZOixE2rljA To answer some questions above: Bridge is Steinberger (I'll go into more details on the video review) This is a Custom made guitar, so availability depends on your budget (a bit expensive, but for me totally worth it) Who made it? I don't remember 16... So... this was possible thanks to several key players Thanks to: Sena-Guitars who linked me their contact for the guy who made this version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JiyzH7RW0sQ Thanks to GuitarDock & Studio for actually making the guitar: http://www.studio-vegas.com Thanks to: Satoh Takashi san for being the middle man\translator since I live in USA territory and almost no Japanese skill. (Ebay store closed Cheers!
  7. nekki

    Nekki Basara Guitar

    Thanks Abbadon! hey Renato san, "No Tocar", because I was showing off at work and people just kept touching it!!! >_> This is not the ESP\Arcadia one, this one was custom made for me , I hope to make a review video at some point so when/if I do, I'll link it here. I did go tothe 2005 concert in Osaka (Which I believe was the second show). I also went to the 2006/7 Makka Na Chikai concert in Tokyo and then Otakon 2008 @Baltimore where I got my Fender Strat signed by JAM Project. As for the guitar in the 2007 Electric Fire concert; I really don't have data to back what I said, so you might be right in it being a different guitar from the 2005 one; however, based on the video posted just before my post, by aajin (Seventh Moon (Duet)), the 2007 one still uses the Steinberger system; tuned at the bottom. Almost sure it's the same guitar from 2005, but open to be corrected.
  8. nekki

    Nekki Basara Guitar

    FINALLY!! So, back in 2005: [Yoshiki Fukuyama presents Fire Bomber 2005 A tribute to Nekki Basara] concert, I had the chance to see Fukyama san live for the first time @Osaka. That's when he revealed the first Basara Guitar replica (well, in Tokyo actually), he had made. He actually talks about it on the 2nd disc of the concert DVD (Translation). It is also the one used in Electric Fire 2007 concert. After which came the Arcadia/ESP version. Ever since I saw it back in 2005 I have always wanted this, since Macross 7 is my favorite anime and I am a huge Nekki Basara fan... And after a lot of research, work, patience and saving $$ ... I can Present my New Electric Guitar straight from Japan!:
  9. Having second thoughts... Pre-Ordered just in case I change my mind.
  10. Macross 7 is nothing without Basara . I might not get this one because I have the original one, but I am getting Basara's guitar replica! Just wait and see!
  11. Awesome!!! and I thought I was a M7 collector...
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