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  1. Dunno if that is practical with ME1. Its definably practical for ME2. after all the PS3 version of ME2 was on the ME3 graphics engine. Personally I wish they would slightly reprogram the games to use some of the better unused audio that actually explains more about the main plot and reapers. For instance in the main chamber of the Collector base EDI was supposed to explains that the reapers break organics down to a atomic level merely so they can upload there memories to the Reaper neural network.
  2. Screenshot Pan of Misa from one of the Pachinko machine music videos. FYI I photoshopped the uniform to have the classic green stripes instead of the blue strips depicted in the original video.
  3. Hope they go with the original Sosai X design. The latter versions in II,III, and the OVA were hideous. BTW JetJockey is your avatar Ken's plane from the Gatchaman OVA by chance?
  4. I recognize the Garlands, but who are the female figurines in the picture?
  5. Whatever. I like it and I am happy with the Mylene artwork I commissioned. If you want to see Mylene look different way by all means draw/commission your own verison(s) of her. Not exacly Macross, but one commission idea I have actually been toying around with is an armored and full figured meltran verison of Mohm.
  6. Haven't seen the movie yet, but casual nudity, sex, and horrible cliches are to be expected considering the source material and the previous movies. I know Shinji Aramaki designed the mecha, but did he do the charater designs as well?
  7. How it should Have Ended: Mass Effect 3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2td4j3P3AxU&
  8. Orguss. Can't remember the episode # though.
  9. In "Falling Skies" the invasion of Earth is a mere prologue. Very different then the epic conclusion of a storyline like the destruction of the Death Star. Its "Omaha beach" moment is when Tom Mason and others ran from skitters and mechs moment before Boston got nuked. It set the mood of the show and lead to the formation of the formation of the 2nd Massachusetts Regiment, which is the main focus of the show.
  10. I very much disagree. The invasion of Earth was an off-screen moment done right. We the viewers know exactly what occured without seeing it animated thanks to the child's narrative and drawings in the opening of episode 1.
  11. Its not about budget at all. I will try to find the "behind the scenes special," but I remember in one of them the makers of the show specifically stated they will never portray the original invasion aside from perhaps breif flashbacks of where people were when the Alien EMPs hit. They furher stated that the alien invasions have been portrayed countless times already and they wanted to supply only a vague invasion story for the viewers to use their imaginations with.
  12. I know. My co-host is the creator of the tribute video for AWA 2007 that I linked in the previous post. Sorry for the confusion I should have been more clear in my previous post .
  13. The abilities are dark channel and biotic sphere. On top of that the N7 adept and vanguard can "go banshee" with their heavy melees: short teleport dash (even through solid walls) followed by asari-like biotic shockwave Their are also some more very interesting abilities from the N7 crew. Demolisher Engineer has an Ammo drop ability for moar dakka and grenades. Paladin Sentinel has a cryo-thrower and an immobile guardian-esque stance. Destroyer solider has a missile launcher ability. Probably no where as powerful as the limited cobra missiles, but probably still very useful..
  14. For the record I agreed to CO-HOST, only cause the other host I signed up with has seen and knows all about Noboru.
  15. I am co-hosting a Noboru Ishiguro Tribute panel and to be honest I am unfamiliar with a lot of his non-macross works. I figured this would be a great place to ask what his "best" non-macross titles were and what made awesome in your opinion.
  16. Discovering a number of Biotic explosions could be triggered on shielded enemies was a complete game changer for me. warp - shockwave warp - throw warp - reave reave - warp reave - shockwave reave - cluster grenades pull - reave
  17. Not my problem, the NSFW ads are are tailored to internet users' viewing history.
  18. Personally I think the final fight should have been against a Shepard clone possessed by Harbringer. After all the Illusive Man collected plenty of Shepard's blood and we did see that "Shepard" in the final dream sequence.
  19. Mass Effect: Do You Remember the Fallen? DLC: After finding the lyrics for the Sucide Mission choir in an ancient Atlantean city Shepard's crew find a way to UN-indoctrinate Reaper forces through the power of music.
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