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  1. Excellent point. I just re-watched EA's ending to Command and Conquer 4 recently and I got to say its PRACTICALLY IDENTICAL to ME3's ending.
  2. It will most likely be Pumyra the Puma. ts a Deviant art and not official artwork, but still worth sharing IMO. Animation almost always declines mid-show. On the bright side the story writing is still good.
  3. Indeed. Perhaps its all part of the Reptillian Deception? Now alien ooze mutating the Turtles actually makes sense and has been done before. I bet Bay will have Shredder be a "samurai dalek" as well. Makes sense... "Our culture [Latinos] are more Turtle Neck than V Neck." - George Lopez
  4. Probably a bit of both. The Reptilian conspiracy is that the elite are in bed with reptilian aliens from another planet/dimension. Some theories say its nothing more then a greedy corporate system as portrayed in “They Live” below. While others get downright depressing and say the Reptilians are demons that physically and physically feed off of human suffering, especially those of children. [media] [/media[
  5. Michael Bay's statement “when you see this movie, kids are going to believe one day these turtles actually do exist when we are done with this movie,” explains it all to me. Like a lot of kooks in Hollywood I bet he is a fanboy of the Reptilian conspiracy theory. Hence his desire to change the turtles into aliens.
  6. I don't even have a mic to use. Mainly because I find silent co-operation much more fun and engaging. Plus I think the most important component of team co-operation is just preparing a well-rounded team equipped for all threats. Like the other night I attempted silver as a grenade launcher wielding engineer with a trio of vanguards with only handguns. We played well as a supportive team, but we lacked the collective firepower to take down the heavies fast enough...
  7. BTW who else plays ME3 multiplayer? I think it would be fun to host private "Macrossworld" games on ME3 this weekend for anyone up to it. Especially for the silver and gold maps were team co-operation is a must. You can find me through the Playstation and/or ME3 Network as Freiflug88.
  8. Agreed. Though I must say putting Shepard and his/her romantic interest in a “Nexus”-like ending could have been a great way to conclude Shepard's story and supply the 16 or so unique endings the fans really wanted IMO. In other words a supply of sappy Gladiator endings to end things on a happy note, but with much more variety and effort then simply recycling character models that stand around on a grass field or something.
  9. I think they were going with 3 slightly different flavors of the "battle star galactica" ending.
  10. Badassfully: Listening to the 10 minutes of "Blasto" ads bore me. But I must say this "blasto" fanart is going to be my wallpaper for a while. Also don't know why... but I want leave this pic here.
  11. They might already gotten it fixed. When I popped ME3 into my PS3 for the first time Thursday afternoon I was asked if I wanted to update to verison 1.01. So apparently Bioware already released an update for something.
  12. In case you or anyone else really wants to know Tali is at:
  13. Dam it not again. I hate that Bioware had to divide Mass Effect 2 into two parts just to compensate for the Xbox 360 disc swap Figures. I think there is “mass effect” phenomimum that comes with editing female character designs. Cause almost everytime a male designer gets a chance to tweak a female character design a little more mass is mysteriously added... Its like the added noise from re-compressing jpegs, only more pleasing to the eyes.
  14. Graphic wise, The PS3 is the best. Bioware put in the extra effort to optimize Mass effect 2&3 to the Playstation3's unique hardware.
  15. Its not just a biotic enhancer, the Armor "increases power damage by 15%" across the board. Well Liara is still going through Asari puberty at 108, but I think she just looks "bigger" in her "trinity" trench coat with its belt straps that run right under her cleavage and over her hips. Still I dumped her for Tali, right before setting her up as the new Shadow Broker...
  16. If they are out of inventory you can always buy ME2 as a full-game download though the Xbox Live Store.
  17. I don't personally, only got ME on PS3. But I imagine a fair number of fans do.
  18. Its a 2010 garage kit from "Kojin." From the looks of it a "one-of-a-kind" for personal collection and never put for sale. http://myanimeshelf....Pilot_Suit_Ver. Only other thing I can gather is that it was put on display at "Won Fes" 2010. http://www.figure.fm...100/111100.html Personally I'd prefer a swimsuit Grace verison. After all Grace was the ONLY Frontier chick that didn't get any coverage in the swimsuit artworks.
  19. http://www.masseffec...es.com/xbox.php has links on how to convert saves between xbox 360 and pc, and vice-versa.
  20. If your going to be using only a PS3 then playing a full-version of ME1 isn't even an option thanks to copyright issues with microsoft. Instead the PS3 verison of ME2 gets a 45 min interactive comicbook of Mass Effect 1. Which could be a blessing in your case if you just want to get into the story without spending time on gameplay. Gameplay is free-roam like Star Wars KOTOR, Final Fantasy, etc. Absolutely. The main Character is fully customizable in Gender, appearance, combat class, etc for new players.
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