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  1. That is what Shapeways is for.
  2. Someone needs to get the next gen. started on Macross fandom and collecting.
  3. Pre-ordered. Now to wait for the YF-19 v.2 pre-orders.
  4. NY has it back up for pre-order at the $223.66 price as of this morning.
  5. Gamefaq found a wiki site for the game, http://macross30084.wiki.fc2.com/ I just google translated it, haven't had a chance to go through everything on it yet.
  6. There are a few tutorials on youtube on how to do this. I've used one to great success (it was awhile ago and can't find it now). Here is a link to one on how to do it through the PC - The key is to make as simple a password as you can and write it down. I've been using my account for Gundam Vs DLC mostly.
  7. numagus99

    Macross 30

    I'm hoping that we get Macross the Ride valks as DLC. Really want to fly the YF-19 Active Nothung
  8. 1/60 - Macross the Ride - all of them would be nice.
  9. I'm in for one, so long as I'm actually able to per-order one. The vf-30 has been discussed allot in the Macross 30 game thread. One of the theories that I liked the best is that this is a interceptor model. The same fighter generation as the yf-29 but with a more specialized mission role.
  10. We have the option of paying through our user account. Log in and go to your orders, you'll have the option to pay or it will say you have already paid. I paid this week just to see if the price in US $ was dropped automatically to the new price (it was).
  11. Just paid for mine on NY. The price was updated automatically for me. 360.00+/- w/ shipping to USA.
  12. I'd go with a vf-25 first. It's cheaper than a yf-29 & looks good without any of the option packs (super/armor..). All three choices have a super pack option should you want to dress them up, but the 25 also has the armor pack, (hopefully a tornado pack soon). I have both the 25 and the 29 (and the 117ex w/ super pack on order) and would recommend either. I think it you should look at 1st - price, 2nd - availability and 3rd - personal preference.
  13. numagus99

    Macross 30

    AmiAmi has it up for preorder. http://www.amiami.com/top/detail/detail?scode=TVG-PS3-1646&page=top The Super galaxy box Edition is already sold out.
  14. The 1/100 builder Parts Hands by Bandai should also work. http://www.hlj.com/product/BAN977921 http://www.hlj.com/product/BAN976502 The Zeon hand are much more rounded of the two.
  15. VF5SS, I particularly like the "to save a princess" pic. Great review!
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