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  1. Thanks for the review links. Looks good, although the gold is a bit of a let down. It looks like there are only a few instances of lame gold. The coating also does not seem consistent, but the armour hides most of the it. I am still on the fence as to the value of the kit. It looks much nicer than the original kit but it is pricy for a master grade.
  2. Pre-Orders at Volks USA start tomorrow for a Feb 2023 release.
  3. The follow up question would be whether you have to pay import taxes again once it comes through your mail system or via DHL/FedEx. If I am charged taxes by a Japanese vendor, they better not charge me again when I get the package. Thankfully, it does not look like they are doing this for Canada just yet.
  4. You can get much better looking 3d printed or resin version for $5. I like that they are expanding the line, but the softness of the mold is embarrassing. vs. vs.
  5. Pretty much came to the same conclusion with the RG Hi-Nu. I am blessed to have some local shops that stock Bandai products so I have been able to find them about 1 month after release in Japan. With most Japanese e-retailers stopping international shipping of Gunpla, HLJ is one of the last reputable ones so I don't see the situation getting better anytime soon.
  6. I think they teased that the zakus would be released on at a time.
  7. Plenty of time to save, who knows, maybe your Valk collection can pay for her education (congrats, by the way). My wife and I used to trade off, she would go to bed at 9:00 and I would stay up until 1:00 AM for the "sew yeh" feeding, and she would get up for the 6:00 AM breakfast. Worked out great, I managed to finish a ton of video games.
  8. Good advice. It is currently listed for $70USD more than MRSP based on current exchange rates.
  9. Very nice. If you have the chance, I am sure each one of those has a story to tell.
  10. Promotional Video for the MGEX Strike Freedom (Nov 2022, 14,000 Yen)
  11. To be fair, it was a pretty sweet toy for its time. Hopefully this release will have better hip joints and a matt finish. It is unfortunately that the three copies I have of the VF-25 are so floppy I leave them in fighter mode.
  12. I think this is the worst example of this set. This looks so bad, between the busy design, bad tolerances. It just looks bad.
  13. It's Bandai...and the only reason this anime exists is to sell kits. Hopefully, we will get regular release kits, but I doubt it. They will probably be all P-Bandai, reusing the existing Gundam the Origin kits or the Revive versions as a base. If they do master grade, they will be based off the GM Sniper kit.
  14. Shipping would be have been insane. it would probably be expensive to ship to Buyee and then over the moon to ship to the US. But I would love to own one as well...
  15. Cima's team was a "Marines" type unit during the One-Year war. They were tasked with going into hot spots and getting the job done, whether it was on Earth, in space or in a colony. The Gelgoog Marine was spec'd to carry out operations under these different combat situations, kind of like how the Harriers are used by the US Marines for a variety of missions. Most water specific units in Zeon are referred to as "Aquatic" mobile suits and they tend to be specially designed for underwater operations, like the Z'Gok, Gogg and Acguy. The federation, on the other hand, called them "Marine" types, like the Gundam Marine Type. Either that, or it just sounded cool to the mecha designer of 0083.
  16. Me Neither, kind of like a golden unicorn. However, I did just pick up a rare, 30-year-old resin kit I never thought I would ever own off of Yahoo Japan auctions.
  17. I'll keep an eye out. Congrats on the purchase.
  18. Another 1/3000 SDF-1 Assembly kit on Mandarake. Same price as the last one 55K. Available as of 4Pm 2022-03-17: https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1191462479&ref=list&categoryCode=020107&lang=en
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