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  1. Yup, two people on this forum got one that we know of.
  2. anyone think this thread will hit 500 pages tonight?
  3. dynaction evangelion up: https://www.nippon-yasan.com/figures/31613-dynaction-general-purpose-humanoid-battle-weapon-android-eva-01.html
  4. I, for one, would be sound asleep right now if it was the DYRL version.
  5. this? https://www.nippon-yasan.com/figures/31612-dx-soul-of-chogokin-volt-in-box-choudenji-machine-voltes-v.html
  6. interesting, the discount on Nin-Nin-game is down to 10% from 20%, before it goes on sale.
  7. AmiAmi Page, not available yet: https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail/?gcode=FIGURE-060557 On your marks!
  8. Not Macross related, but I loved this build. Wonder if anyone did a cutaway of the SDF-1?
  9. I think we need two new entries in the Urban dictionary: A bit more on topic, I am not looking forward to Pre-Order night, but whoever is new to it should definitely follow this thread. There are some store that can be avoided like NY, AmiAmi and HLJ. Updates done to those sites last year make getting a pre-order exactly at 4:00 PM JST pretty much impossible. If you follow this thread, you make see something pop up a bit after pre-orders start. If you do get a lead, please contribute but don't try to flood this thread with useless information, especially during pre-order madness. Our lady @Shizuka the Cat, the songstress of the pre-order night, does a fabulous job on pre-order night summarizing the fun. Hopefully she will again, but we know she can't always make it.
  10. Thanks to massive incompetence at CBSA, my package was assessed as industrial equipment worth $30,000 and a $500 duty was slapped on it. So I can either return to sender, or send back to CBSA or pay the duty and claim a refund. A CBSA review can take up to 2 months. Great...
  11. Technically, TV Roy never piloted a VF-1S with super parts, so you will need to wait for the VF-1S (Roy Custom) Hikaru special edition, then the TV supers. And it will only come with the DYRL hands. That is typical Bandai.
  12. Congratulations! It is super exciting when you get to share your work with the world. Bit nerve wracking as well, I am sure. Love the push for practical models, hope you got to keep some of them...
  13. Shipped and arrived at outward office of exchange. Should be here in between 5 - 35 days... Can't wait. Anyone else thinking about painting up the pilot and the bike? yeah, it is pricy for its size. I probably won't be able to collect them all, but I had to get at least 1. I don't own any of the previous versions, the only representation I had was the old "Leader-1" model kit.
  14. Agreed, I think these two pictures confirm it. The shoulder hinge allows for up/down, back front, but the rotation is at the intakes.
  15. I can’t wait. Just got charged at hlj. The posable pilot and bike is a nice bonus, they could have left it out and it would still have been a solid toy.
  16. Sigh... the A-to-Z project is getting out of hand: On the other hand, I am super excited for the Barbatos expansion pack. Now the debate is whether I need 6 MG Barbatos kits...
  17. With DHL, they purposely go through their shipments and process the taxes on behalf of CBSA, and then they charge you for the service. With EMS via Canada Post, they let CBSA decide whether to charge taxes or not. I think I have paid taxes maybe 2 time in the last 10 years with Canada Post. Given that Amazon pays this upfront and refunds me when I ship with them via DHL, I would not be surprised if DHL charges us upfront and pockets the taxes if CBSA decides not to charge taxes given how infrequently packages are actually taxed. Also, I have had full value declarations on packages from AmiAmi, HLJ, etc that were not taxed. The only difference I can see if if they mark the contents as Toys vs. Collectables. I never get ding'd for Toys, but usually do for collectables.
  18. I feel for you. DHL and UPS are terrible. I pay way more for their "service" than I do in taxes. The only time I do not pay for taxes using DHL is via Amazon Japan. I can't wait until EMS/SAL resumes.
  19. The PG Strike Gundam is still a pretty awesome kit, rock solid. Both the Unicorn and Exia are OK, but not as good as the Strike. I actually built the Unicorn and Exia before my Strike (even though I bought it when it first came out) and it was still better. The Strike Freedom is OK, but the kit is tedious to build and fragile due to the way the wings are connected. If you can wait, there is a new PG RX-78 coming this year. Until then, the Strike and Astray kits are probably your best bang for your buck. I still dream of a PG VF-1, though...
  20. Based on the description from Twitter, the Wing Zero Custom Ver. Ka will transform into Neo-Bird mode similar to the Metal Build and the Hi Resolution Model. Not really sure why we needed a Ver Ka. of this kit. Easy skip for me.
  21. I got ya... i'm terrible, I usually have 3-4 kits going at the same time. I am decaling a MG Banshee, painting a MG Barbatos, snap fitting a MG Hi-Nu, about to start a MG Alex and putzing around with some AoZ HGUC kits and the Penelope. I think I need help...
  22. Pre-existing licensing agreements. Not all the Marvel stuff can come over, I believe, and some of them are based on what Bluefin wants to bring in. Star Wars was locked to long term Hasbro contracts, Marvel MCU does not have blanket exclusivity agreements in place.
  23. why not both? Super disappointed about this. I thought the lazy path would be a Full Armour ZZ Ver. Ka, this was even lazier. Given the 1 week countdown, this was not what I was expecting them to announce. They also announced an Entry Grade RX-78, which would make it the 5th RX-78 in ~12 months (G40, The Origin, Beyond, Entry, PG Unleashed - assuming Dec 2020 release). Given this week was the Shizuoka replacement event, I am surprised they did not provide more information on the new PG.
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