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  1. Hi Mr March, nice job on the website. Will be waiting to see the updates. Cheers!!
  2. imho, i would chose the 1/60 ver.2 vf-1s after hearing all the improvements done.
  3. Can any kind souls post some pics of the weathering edition? Have not seen any pics for that version.
  4. @edwin3060 Can you also recommend the seller to me? Thanks!!
  5. My favourites will be: - Lion - Don't be Late Cheers!!
  6. I broke all rules except no. 3. In my case, i started out with no.4 (Cheap plastic toys....before going into premium toys...like macross).
  7. Wow, the olive drab Tomahawk looks great!! So far, is there only 2 variant colors out in the market (ie yellow and olive)?
  8. ok, after so many suggestions, i will listen to you guy's advice & get the Max. Thanks for the advice, guys!!
  9. Hi guys, can anyone post some out of the box pictures of this orign line of valks if they have got one? Thanks!!
  10. jedimech


    Guys, is there any way to differentiate between SV-51 Ivanov ver.1 or ver. 2 (ie. no mentioned quality problem)?
  11. Thanks for all the suggestions, guys!! I have a 1/48 Miria Super VF-1J in my collection. But does not know should i get Max as well to pair them up or get another design (ie. YF-19). .........(pondering)
  12. Hi Guys, Recently, i am pondering on which yamato figure to buy? Below is the 2 options that i am pondering from: - 1/48 VF-1J Super Valkyrie (Max Jenius) or - 1/60 YF-19 (Normal type, not the 25th Anniversary) Can anyone give me suggestions as to which figure is a wiser choice to get? Thanks!!
  13. jedimech

    VF Girls

    Wow, like that YF-19 & YF-21 cosplay costumes you made, polidread!! Well Done!!
  14. jedimech


    I have bought the SV-51 Nora type last week too. I prefer the colour scheme compared to Ivanov's & the mass production type. Cheers!!
  15. Wow, nice airbrushing!! Keep up the good work!!
  16. Hi guys, i am from Singapore. Glad to find a forum dedicated to Macross!! Cheers!!
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