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  1. Hi Javabean, then perhaps those that wish to get just 1 out of the 2 figures, can gather together to buy them as a pair & split the cost & the figures. Eg. If u want Altos & i like to have Ozma, we can pool & buy the figures in pair & split the cost. This way will work well for those that just want to get 1 figure. Btw, r u interested in getting 1 figure from the pair?
  2. Thanks for the info, Javabean. Yes, i am from sg too. Will check out CSC this weekend for any other sales items. Cheers!!
  3. Just bought the 2 DX Chogokin VF-25 & a YF-19 (25th Anniversary model). Cheers!!
  4. Hi Guys, Just came back from HK. Only managed to go to CTMA, Sino Centre & Richmond Centre. Did not make it to In's Point. Is there a lot of yamato macross toys in the In's Point?
  5. Hi Javabean, Are you from Sg? Which shop is it that is having a year-end sale? I would like to go to have a look to see if i can haul something from it too. Cheers!!
  6. So a quick query.....can this kit be assembled without the use of glue/epoxy/cement? Cheers!!
  7. Due to budget constraint & first time in hong kong (not familiar with the places), I only bought the below items: - DX Chogokin VF-25S (Ozma) - DX Chogokin VF-25F (Alto) - YF-19 (25th Anniversary) - Saint Seiya God Pegasus Myth Cloth - Date Masamune Miniature Armour Set Cheers!!
  8. Hi Guys, Happy NEW YEAR!! It a brand new year ahead. Wish all of you guys prosperity despite the economic downturn. Just came back from my vacation shopping in Hong Kong. Cheers!!
  9. Hi Guys, any news of the figures already being released today?
  10. Thanks, speedjello. Will check out the shop when i am there!! Cheers!!
  11. Hello guys, does this mean that we can get the figures on Christmas day in the retail stores in HK as well? Or have to wait for the figures to be shipped out from Bandai on Christmas day....
  12. Wonder if i can get the DX stuffs from HK when i am there next week.......
  13. Hi Graham, thanks for the pointer. Cheers!!
  14. Anyone have any idea where that guy that bought the Ozma is from? US or HK?
  15. Hi Small, Thanks for the price guide & the map!! Hope i have luck in getting a original YF-19 (not anniversary model). Cheers!!
  16. Hi Kcsquare, thanks for the detailed update. So coincidence that i am staying in a hotel in mongkok area too!! Cheers!!
  17. Hi Guys, i am going to Hong Kong during Christmas period. Like to check with you guys if there are any of the below Macross figures available in the shops there and if have how much they cost (estimate). - Yamato 1/60 YF-19 - Yamato 1/60 YF-21 - Yamato 1/48 VF-1S (Hikaru DYRL) Thanks in advance. Cheers!!
  18. Let me know too if you are doing commision works!! Cheers!!
  19. Welcome Micheal, do keep us updated with photos of the weathered version of VF-1S on your display shelf!! Cheers!!
  20. I am also looking for legioss figure too, though i don't like the cm's type cos the combined legioss & tread does not appeal, esp with the bar connecting both.
  21. jedimech

    Latest custom.

    Wow, there is beautiful. Well done, Kurt.
  22. Thanks for the great review. Too bad there is no pilot figure for bandai version....
  23. jedimech

    Thunder Hammer

    Anymore of the Thunder Hammer kit for sale?
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