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  1. Glad I got in on the stealth version early. Pre-ordered a low viz too. Not sure I want the whole line up but these 2 look so nice.
  2. I kind of want these but 1) the price sucks, 2)Toynami, and thus, HG is making them, and 3)they could give Rand his proper cyclone weapon. And, c'mon Toynami , is it Rand or Ray?
  3. Bit the bullet and went with NY. Their shipping adds a lot more pain to the total but they always come through for me and I won't have to stress at release time looking for one.
  4. Have you bought anything from the before? They list the GFFMC Char Zaku in stock for $219.99 while every other site is out of stock or asking $300 or so plus shipping. This place is free shipping AND there's a 10% off code? Sounds too good to be true...
  5. Yes, Eaglemoss made an XL version releasing the regular, smaller version in the Discovery Collection.
  6. NY just informed me that my strike parts are now coming with the second release even though I bought and paid for it during the initial pre-order. And this was only a few hours after getting the email about how my trust is the foundation of their success. Sigh...
  7. Also available from thetoysource.com for the same price as the other US sites
  8. True. Just kind of gave me a shock to see SAL and EMS only $9 different in price.
  9. Did their shipping rates go up? $60 for EMS to California. Even the cheapest SAL was still like $50. I know their shipping isn't the cheapest but that seems a bit crazy. Ferry boat shipping isn't an option for me.
  10. guess i'm done with this preorder madness round. empty handed again. hopefully it'll be reasonably priced at release. I've noticed the Char variant is already coming down in price.
  11. hlj seems sold out. keep telling me stock status has changed when I try to check out
  12. Same with mine!
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