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  1. Can I ask what product? And was it in order preparation prior to your email?
  2. I want this, a lot, but I'm not at the usual "I need it" stage that comes with a "new" Macross release. I'm thinking this could even wind up on discount like the M&M and VE-1 reissues...
  3. Thanks for the link. Perfect timing to use my 5% birthday coupon before it expires.
  4. Paid off my pre-order just now. Had to take a double take when I saw the invoice but shipping isn't free of course. Then I saw this
  5. Thanks for the link!
  6. That's what I said. I just took it so I don't have to (hopefully) think about it until it ships. Never ordered from them before so I hope this will be a good experience.
  7. I went with the FedEx. Pretty reasonable especially with a couple extra items in my warehouse. I actually was expecting to pay over $40 for EMS for just the Legioss.
  8. Wow it looks amazing in those pics!
  9. wow this is ridiculous. couldn't even get on amiami. loading screen for 7 minutes
  10. Glad I got in on the stealth version early. Pre-ordered a low viz too. Not sure I want the whole line up but these 2 look so nice.
  11. I kind of want these but 1) the price sucks, 2)Toynami, and thus, HG is making them, and 3)they could give Rand his proper cyclone weapon. And, c'mon Toynami , is it Rand or Ray?
  12. Bit the bullet and went with NY. Their shipping adds a lot more pain to the total but they always come through for me and I won't have to stress at release time looking for one.
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