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  1. True. Just kind of gave me a shock to see SAL and EMS only $9 different in price.
  2. Did their shipping rates go up? $60 for EMS to California. Even the cheapest SAL was still like $50. I know their shipping isn't the cheapest but that seems a bit crazy. Ferry boat shipping isn't an option for me.
  3. guess i'm done with this preorder madness round. empty handed again. hopefully it'll be reasonably priced at release. I've noticed the Char variant is already coming down in price.
  4. hlj seems sold out. keep telling me stock status has changed when I try to check out
  5. Same with mine!
  6. Still waiting for "preparation in progress" from NY but I figure they have to fulfill all these orders since they're still listing it available for pre-order at the low price of $322.50 before shipping.
  7. ps99042

    Hi-Metal R

    Guess I'm emailing amiami to cancel my order and going with NY...
  8. ps99042

    Hi-Metal R

    finally went through
  9. ps99042

    Hi-Metal R

    page finally loaded on amiami but it won't let me add to cart...
  10. ps99042

    Hi-Metal R

    amami is jacked already. can't even load the screen
  11. Just bought one off eBay for a little less than $280 shipped.
  12. I was wondering the same thing. The HK run goes for about $140 shipped on ebay so it's cheaper than the KC site though KC will give you a shirt supposedly. Not sure which to go for...
  13. This just popped up on the KC website. $130 + shipping.
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