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  1. 1/60 VF-5000 3D Printing

    Ah thanks! She looks a little bit square for now... but I think a bit of sanding and some Warhammer green stuff i have around will smooth her out a bit. :-)
  2. 1/60 VF-5000 3D Printing

    Hey Team, semi exciting news, promise this project isn't dead. Having moved into my house and settled in, i've just sent all the parts off to get printed. To keep the costs down with the place i've ordered it at, i've selected their 'economy' printing option. Which just means it becomes less of a priority in their queue so just takes a bit longer. From memory my last 'test' print took about 3 weeks or so. Other wise i could get it all tomorrow, but at about double the cost! While I wait, i'll chuck together some instructions for those keen on ordering a copy. Attached some pretty pictures for now though. Cheers
  3. 1/60 VF-5000 3D Printing

    Sweet as Skull One! Have added you to this list. I'm still doing new house stuff sadly, but he's pretty much good to go. Will let you guys know when there's another update. As i'm very keen to see him fully done myself! :-)
  4. 1/60 VF-5000 3D Printing

    Thanks guys, glad you like the progress. I got these printed at the very un-inspiringly named 'https://www.3dprint-uk.co.uk/' haha. They're London based like me so postage costs were next to nothing. They do have a minimum spend of £60 though, so not ideal if you need a singular small part. But yeah, i really like how these have come out. They use this stuff called PA 2200 Nylon in their SLS printing that seems to be the key difference. And their polished parts come out great. The non polished parts are a little dusty, but that's to be expected. I gave every part a quick wash with some water and an old toothbrush and they're fine now. I'll do a bit of sanding and use some left over primer to see how smooth i can get a part next i think. I've forgotten what primer i have, if it's too thin, i may have to find something a little thicker to fill in the more rough parts. Xigfrid - Do i remember you saying you use a dremel with a light sanding strip to sand your printed parts down? Arbit - Hah, yeah good idea actually. I'll do a review of it like Anymoon/ScorchedEarthToys' videos too haha.
  5. 1/60 VF-5000 3D Printing

    Hey Team! So i had a lot of stuff delivered and it looks great! Oddly they gave me a bunch of duplicates of the small things (piled in the top right of the large photo) but misplaced the shoulder stock of the gunpod. doh! The material is crazy strong, and i'm really surprised with just how thin it can be. Attached a few pics of what a few of the bits looked like all put together. I think it's great. Also I've really only technically messed up 5 fairly minor things. 1 just being i ordered what i thought were the correct size square nuts, but they were wrong size, and the only ones i can find that are the correct size are more of a hex shape – when i had already designed for square nuts to sit in the model. I've already corrected that in 3D so the new nuts can be slotted where the old square ones were going to go. Just means i've had to cut away some of the plastic on these print outs for things to work. 2 - The gunpod sliding mechanism just isn't sturdy enough - that white small bit basically acts like a plug with a stopper on it to keep it from falling out of the black part, but it's way too loose, so i'd have a floppy gunpod, and no-one want's a floppy gunpod! I've already thought up a couple of ways to fix it so no biggie there. 3 - Not really a mess up just something to fix for the next round of prints - are the pegs and holes. Like on the trigger of the gunpod and backpack parts - i'll just have to extend their pegs to give them enough friction to hold in place with the weight they'll be carrying. Again, not a biggie. 4 - Sort of the most annoying one, is the heat shield that comes over the cockpit. It's just way, way too loose and keeps falling out - similar to the original model actually. I'll just have to tighten up the space it has to move and around in and then it should be good! 5 - My Cutting guides - I gave the slots a bit too much breathing room, so when i go to cut my bolts and rods, they aren't super secure, so take a little longer to cut. Again an easy fix, just annoying. Plus I thought my dremel had some good metal cutting discs and it doesn't! So all in all i'm pretty happy with how my first test went. And it's going to be pretty easy to put what i've learnt into the next test (and hopefully final, as long as things go to plan) print. I'm particularly happy with the hands actually, the detail really came out nice. And seeing the head really makes him real – as odd as that sounds. Slightly great yet annoying news – i'm going to have to put that next test print on hold. Reason is i'm currently towards the end of the process of buying a house, and not too sure me slamming down some cold hard cash on a 3D printed robot is the best thing to do right now. Especially as the place may need a full re-wire of its electrics! So i may have to hold of for a month or 2. I will keep working on it in the background with what i can in 3D to fix the above plus on the rest of the shapes. But yeah sorry, will be another while before i can hit the print button again. Enjoy the pics for now! It's so close though, it'll really really happen. cheers.
  6. 1/60 VF-5000 3D Printing

    Yeah I really should try for standard lengths... I think it's part of my over obsession with wanting to keep this as clean and accurate as possible. Plus I was thinking that these cutting guides will double as holders for all the rods and bolts if I put a bit of electrical tape or something over the top of them, keeping them in place until I need them as i'll probably be cutting these all in one go. Rather than cutting them one by one, as and when I need them. In other news, I'm playing the waiting game. Waiting for rods and bolts to arrive, waiting for 3D print to, well, print... I have designed the red markings for the wing and nose that i'll scale to the correct size and print on some clear decal paper, then print on at home. Going to get some white decal paper too and create a circular backing for the middle part of the red marking. I sort of want to design more decals - but I haven't really put on too many stickers and things on any of my other 1/60 bots. So this one being all decaled up with things like 'no step' all across the wings would look a bit out of place. I've also tried designing the pilot, but i'm seriously so bad at making organic shapes in sketchup, it's embarrassing. So i've made a very blocky pilot that i'll then use a bit of Warhammer green and blue stuff on her to bulk and smooth out a few parts once printed. Oh, also i'm down to 2 colours I want to use for the main body colour. It's either a light turquoise or just plain old turquoise from Vallejo paints, so i'll get both and test. Don't really want to be mixing things to get the right colour as that's just painful. The rest of the bot is easy being an off white and a straight yellow. That's pretty much me for now though. Will report back once i've got some 3D prints to share. Cheers :-)
  7. 1/60 VF-5000 3D Printing

    Hey guys, So i've ordered all the bolts and rods (at generic lengths) I need and I've made a few cutting guide pieces that I can use to cut those bolts and rods to size! Also i've just sent off the whole nose section and Gunpod to be printed, so should get those pieces back in the next week or so as a bit of a test and hopefully print the rest from there. While i'm waiting for those things (especially the nuts and bolts as they're coming from China to the UK – i really should have ordered them ages ago) i'll get the detail on the body parts done, as i think i've missed just one section that gets revealed in robot mode after transforming. And then I'll also do a little model pilot, someone has to fly it after all. So, the light is really at the end of the tunnel. Hoping the next photos I attach here are actually real photos, not just screen shots. :-) cheers
  8. M Zero: Octo

    Hah nice! I've been thinking about putting some glow in the dark paint underneath some clear parts of models to help them glow.
  9. 1/60 VF-5000 3D Printing

    Locally – and in SLS. For the prototype at least.
  10. 1/60 VF-5000 3D Printing

    Oh, that's a great idea! I was just thinking of sticking with the covered intakes to make it less fiddly, but i'll see what i can do... Just realised I still need to make the pilot haha. And yeah that image is just half sorry. For my other pics i've copied and mirrored half of the model to show how he looks fully, I just forgot to do it late last night. Speaking of interchangeable parts, i'm also going to experiment with magnets for the fast packs. I think it'll work with the leg ones, but the backpack may have to be large pegs that insert into his back... I'm worried that the magnets i'm looking at won't actually be strong enough to keep the rather large top fastpack up in bot mode, as well as they'll make him extremely top heavy.... I'm sure just using 1mm metal rods will be fine – as you'll be able to take it off, but it'll still be secure enough to stay on. :-)
  11. 1/60 VF-5000 3D Printing

    Hey guys, just a small update. All the detail work is done! I'm now measuring the length of metal rods and screws i'll need to cut for all the joints, and also just checking a few last things. It's taking a bit longer than I thought but i'll get there. Here's a picture for now though. Hopefully it shows the intakes and fastpacks enough. :-)
  12. M Zero: Octo

    So good Xigfrid, as always. Good luck with figuring out the transformation. Getting from that submarine shape into 4 legs looks crazy hard.
  13. I have a VF-11B, but i'm a bit worried to take him apart to measure those parts to 3D model. But if you guys can measure (preferably with a digital caliper is you can?) and also take some photos of those parts i'll be glad to help :-)
  14. 1/60 Micro Missile Project

    Nice! Looking forward to seeing more.