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  1. Well general rulebook as time of war is the jihad era rule book. Theres probably LAM rules i can use but i don't have the resources nor the knowledge to do it alone. Thats why I asked the Forum here. Also i dont want to try and get through the Palladium games rules.
  2. I am wondering is there anyone experienced with the Battletech time of war RPG as i want to do a Macross rpg but the Palladium games system is a cluster to deal with.
  3. well i liked the alternative fast pack idea but wanted to see it on a main line fighter also i don’t want to completely take apart and rebuild the figure.
  4. I was thinking just the fast pack. The boosters arm parts and leg armor.
  5. Hi i'm wondering does anyone have an STL for the super parts of the VF-X for the VF-2ss Hi metal figures?
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