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  1. Dang it! Missed the pre-order, if anyone has an extra pre-order they would be willing to share I would be most appreciative!
  2. Can someone fill me in on the steps/process for someone being in the US to order "TWE" VF-1D? I have never used it before and dont wana miss the vf-1d. Thanks!
  3. Just got an in stock shipping notice for Roy from Anime Export. If you have it on PO, give your account a look.
  4. Speaking of the TV super packs, the blue color looks too dark/DYRL colored for me? Is it just me?
  5. ditto - got one in as well!
  6. I ordered the TV fast packs from AE (anime export) at basically $100 - I already have a few pre-orders with them from back in the spring (spida man), are these guys good to shop from? I had not used them before this - all this talk of shaddy websites has me a bit concerned.
  7. Really not digging Duke, Scarlet or roadblock. They look like fornite characters. Snake eyes is great and destro is ok.
  8. Got my PO in for SPIDA'MAN and chogokin leopardon! Glad I dropped by this thread - had no idea PO were open and everyone is out already.. wtf!
  9. The pacing is slower and it is fantastic. For ages its been a grumble point for me that you cant soak up the environment, the ambiance, little moments which let you connect with a character and the world they live in. So many movies and shows today have scenes and fights that are half second long - catered to the ADD generation? I dunno... Thank goodness we got this and I think it adds to why alot of people like the show, but don't really realize it.
  10. I get the point of this, but its too complicated now as others have said with so many sites, quantities and technology. Especially if your focusing on Macross which the releases are just to few and far between to devote time into it to make it worth the effort with bots and what not. Maybe I'm old, but Ill just buy the few I need, enjoy them and put my limited time too other aspects of life.
  11. That japan expo photo is not very flattering. I have debated keeping my pre-order a few times too even though I love VV.
  12. Whew, got 1 in! Site was crashing/down for maintenance for a bit while checking out. Digital stampede!
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