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  1. Terminator 3 justifies its existence for the final few minutes with the missiles launching, honestly. Even if most of it is pretty damn dumb. I also loved Genisys and am honestly disappointed that it will never be followed up on. I thought the way it followed up on concepts from The Sarah Connor Chronicles regarding a temporal cold war, timeline shifts changing history dynamically, etc was interesting and really wanted to know what was up with Pops and it being unable, or unwilling, to explain where the hell it came from. On the other hand I'm still pissed about the second trailer for Genisys spoiling the big twist with John.
  2. My GP02a being able to actually hold up its shield (with a bit of fiddling) on its own justifies getting it all on its own, to me.
  3. Pretty sure the general consensus at this point is that it helps temporarily, but the underlying chemical reaction continues and comes back with a vengeance. So the plastic yellows even worse than before and usually gets more brittle on top of that.
  4. I absolutely loved it, personally.
  5. Well, looks like I'm finally getting a Metal Build Avalanche Exia. Shame it's going to be a KO because lol 2nd hand Metal Build market and general lack of reprinting.
  6. May was literally running a big donation drive/support group for helping deal with the depossessed from The Blip. So it had an effect. It's just Spider-man isn't the best place to tell that story. And honestly it's not likely anything but a dedicated movie could explore the concept well in its entirety. It at least gave you the info to fill in blanks on your own, though.
  7. Evidence apparently points to it being Gainax/Khara that insisted upon the clinical, dry translation rather than Netflix.
  8. Patrick Stewart has a sense of humor and will do things because they amuse him. Like his character on American Dad. Same way Anthony Hopkins flat out said he doesn't take acting seriously and does roles for shits and giggles. Or Christopher Walken talking about how he just sort of grabs scripts at random after finishing a movie. That and seriously it's the very first trailer for the movie. Acting as if it's some horrific dumpster fire based off the very first trailer is kind of assuming way too early.
  9. Mine is in a fairly dynamic pose since the day I got it and its joints have remained rock solid.
  10. I'm in for Patrick Stewart and the delicious tears it's going to cause.
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