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  1. Pacific Rim Uprising

    We'd already seen Cherno Alpha being a slow, plodding brick while Gipsy Danger and Crimson Typhoon were faster and more agile, and Striker Eureka was improved still over them. Why wouldn't new, mk 6 Jaegers be faster and more agile, particularly in what seems to be a time where they can truly focus on refining designs rather than just throwing out whatever the hell they can make as soon as possible?
  2. Full Metal Panic! Action Figures

    The Metal Build Arbalest got pushed back by a month to April, on another MB FMP related note.
  3. Your most recent Macross or toy purchase! General thread.

    The Kurogane Finish Big O is gorgeous. I love mine, but I haven't taken any pictures of it.
  4. Full Metal Panic! Action Figures

    With Bandai stuff you're going to get mostly to full color matching and snap-fit construction. At worst you'll get stickers for details and maybe the knives won't have color separation from the hilt, but they've gotten better about that sort of thing too. No way of knowing for sure until they come out and someone shows the sprues, but that's what you can expect based on their other lines of models.
  5. Soul of Chogokin - part II

    I've got my SoC Gipsy Danger pre-ordered through Amazon, which pushed back its expected delivery from late Feb/Early March to late March/early April. Like April 2nd is the specific, projected delivery date. I'd expect BBTS is getting Bluefin stock same as Amazon is.
  6. Hi-Metal R

    Once you've done it once or twice the transformation is solid and easy. Main trick is knowing to get the leg swing bar down before trying to transform the arms for fighter mode, and knowing how to finangle the joints of that arm mechanism to do that easily.
  7. Full Metal Panic! Action Figures

    It happens, but with no set rhyme or reason to it. With the loss of FigInStock it'll be even harder to know exactly when it does, too.
  8. Full Metal Panic! Action Figures

    Lasted exactly 10 minutes. Longer than I expected it to admittedly.
  9. Full Metal Panic! Action Figures

    Got my order in first, THEN posted the link. Just to be sure. Surprisingly enough still up at HLJ at the 8 minute mark.
  10. Full Metal Panic! Action Figures

    HLJ link is up: https://hlj.com/product/BANN17778/Act
  11. Hi-Metal R

    Got my VE-1 in. It is wonderfully doofy in the best ugly duckling way. All these little antennas and fins and thing-of-a-ma-bobs hanging off of it give it character, if weird character. The closest thing to a complaint I have with it is the lack of a lock for the backpack beyond the hinges at the base of it and the sort-of locking of the arms since they don't sit in normal super pack position. The fighter mode stand arm works just fine though I'm happy to say. Cups around both arm's attachments and pegs solidly into them to hold on.
  12. Hi-Metal R

    Same, just got my payment request taken care of, then sent my shipping request along with the Sheryl Nome Figuarts.
  13. Full Metal Panic! Action Figures

    There was a tweet or two teasing a re-release, or possibly whole new version, of the Laevatein Metal Build coming out. It's labeled as "ver IV" like those models, so it might be at least partially remolded or something?
  14. Your most recent Macross or toy purchase! General thread.

    They were already showing off Nexx's unit (the blue striped one) at the last show they did, so presumably they intend to bring out more of them.