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  1. Atheonyirh


    Same. I canceled mine after realizing that without the Full cloth I just didn't care, and even then I'm not sure I like the Crossbone enough to need a Metal Build when I already have X1 Full Cloth, X2, and X3 as Robot Damashii figures.
  2. Oh, those look rather interesting.
  3. Not familiar with those, but these are teeny tiny 2 inch or so tall plastic figures with what seems like pretty solid build quality for a KO and a lot of posability including a hinge and balljoint for an ankle joint. I highly recommend grabbing one or two to try out. I went in for $60 worth (the tank drone/chopper drone accessory set that turns into add-ons for a mech, a green basic mech to go with them, a Coast Guard colored flying model, and one other) to try out and just threw down for another $90 worth that includes all 5 SAT units (SWAT mechs basically) and two others. For their price it's hard to mess up trying just one or two. Show.Z already has my second order shipped and out of the country now by the look of it.
  4. Atheonyirh

    Your most recent Macross or toy purchase! General thread.

    Had the first half of my Christmas spending for myself come in from China finally. A set of MFT's Lost Planet KO Diaclone power armors. At $12-$15 per these things are pretty much perfectly priced for their tiny size and modest complexity. Plenty of posability and customization with the parts they have, and even little pilot figures for a bunch of them that are jointed and have feet magnets to help them stand. Already ordered a bunch more after getting these and being impressed by them. Now to wait for the others to arrive and that Jinbao Devastator that's the other half of the Christmas spending.
  5. These lil' Diaclone KOs are wonderful, especially for the price of $12-$15 per if you shop around. This first batch was off a guy on Aliexpress (never did have tracking work for it, either), and I've gone ahead and ordered another 7 (including the full SAT team) off of Show.Z's store after getting these in and messing around with them. They're all of 2 inches tall at best and most have little pilot figures with them that are jointed and posable and have tiny magnets in their feet to help with standing. Surprisingly posable and stable for how tiny they are, with a lot of customization due to the ports and accessories they come with.
  6. Atheonyirh

    Hi-Metal R

    That's the only thing I can figure at this point but I figured I should give some benefit of the doubt. Not sure why, but hey.
  7. Atheonyirh

    Hi-Metal R

    What are you even hoping to accomplish here?
  8. Atheonyirh

    Godzilla: King of the Monsters

    ...What? It's almost as if all of those statements are from one person in the movie who not only isn't portrayed very positively in the trailer, but might just not be the most rational of people in general. Are you really going to take it THAT personally that you're going to start suggesting there's some terrible agenda at play in this movie? That it's trying to program us to want to unleash giant kaiju to destroy ourselves? Really? Not that kaiju movies, especially Godzilla ones, have ever been allegory (thinly veiled or otherwise) for environmental issues or anything. No, that's just crazy talk.
  9. Looks like Set C of Jinbao's OSKO of Gravity Builder is coming into stock at the various export sellers and the chinese video reviews are pouring in. Can't wait to finally have my full set of these guys.
  10. Atheonyirh

    Hi-Metal R

    Interesting how they no longer let you wait and pay for it at release despite it being a regular release, too.
  11. Atheonyirh


    Looks like black with a neon-green line on the front.
  12. Atheonyirh

    Hi-Metal R

    They're shipping a day or so early, which realistically doesn't matter much in the end because no one is getting 0 day shipping. Their actual shipping time isn't that bad either, usually stuff goes out same day as long as I throw out the shipping request not long after it's paid for. Since that 5-6 AM for them is 3-4 PM for me, that's not hard to pull off. Even with saturday releases and shipping requests stuff is usually out the door by noon for them and out of the country by midnight that night or 6 AM the following day.