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  1. Atheonyirh


    Looks like black with a neon-green line on the front.
  2. Atheonyirh

    Hi-Metal R

    They're shipping a day or so early, which realistically doesn't matter much in the end because no one is getting 0 day shipping. Their actual shipping time isn't that bad either, usually stuff goes out same day as long as I throw out the shipping request not long after it's paid for. Since that 5-6 AM for them is 3-4 PM for me, that's not hard to pull off. Even with saturday releases and shipping requests stuff is usually out the door by noon for them and out of the country by midnight that night or 6 AM the following day.
  3. Atheonyirh

    Hi-Metal R

    HLJ released it exactly on time though. Release date for the VF-2SS Nexx was November 10th. Their stock roll-over happens right at around midnight their time, then around 5-6 in the morning their time the payment requests/charges go out. That's just how they do things, in my experience that's how they've done things for a while. They broke it for the October 27th Bandai stuff for some reason, with it all going live a day earlier than it was supposed to, but in general they keep to release date.
  4. Atheonyirh

    Hi-Metal R

    Nuu's review also confirms it includes the full SAP armor and separately the holster armor for Nexx's second gun.
  5. Atheonyirh

    Hi-Metal R

    Those really were some glorious days. I ended up with a PG Wing Gundam Zero Custom from Amazon for like $35 dollars.
  6. Atheonyirh

    Hi-Metal R

    HLJ seems to have more VF-4 stock going.
  7. Atheonyirh

    Hi-Metal R

    Sounds like securing my order at HLJ THEN sharing the link was the pro move. Whoo. Order already processed and confirmed.
  8. Atheonyirh

    Hi-Metal R

    Try reloading it. It's definitely there.
  9. Atheonyirh

    Hi-Metal R

    It might derp out, but I assure you it's there and was active at the time I posted it. Already got my order in.
  10. Atheonyirh

    Hi-Metal R

  11. Atheonyirh

    Hi-Metal R

    The VF-2SS releases both sold out rather quickly and have stayed sold out. It's the VF-1 2-seaters and VF-1A Hikaru that never really sold out. Given the relatively small amount of VF-4 merch it's more probable for it to turn into a feeding frenzy compared to the recent VF-1 releases.
  12. Atheonyirh

    Hi-Metal R

    The page says "complete set of SAP units" AND separately "Nex machine legs SAP" so it might very well be the whole set plus Nexx's heavy railgun and leg holster armor. https://tamashii.jp/item/12632/?wovn=en
  13. Atheonyirh

    Hi-Metal R

    Release date for the VF-2SS Nexx is up, November 10th.
  14. Atheonyirh

    Your most recent Macross or toy purchase! General thread.

    Oh, that Guren SEITEN box is gorgeous. Can't wait for mine to get here tomorrow.