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  1. Pretty much. The reason they went with the cable tether over a reactor was overall safety, if I remember things right from the Jet Alone episode. But they're not really at a point where they have the luxury of worrying about things like that.
  2. By the look of it using Jet Alone parts to repair Unit 02 extended to using a Jet Alone reactor to power it. Those things sticking out of the backpack look like control rods.
  3. The best way I've seen the Fast and Furious movies described, especially the later ones, is that they're superhero movies where everyone's super power is CAR.
  4. I'll just say that they present it in a way that makes sense, even if at first thought it's awkward as hell. I'd suggest giving it a watch, episode 6 was incredibly satisfying.
  5. "At least 10 ships" is what I saw, with the Gargarin and Chimera classes announced by name.
  6. They're doing a few more, announced within the last week or so, and apparently will be doing even more later. And yes, that's the Eclipse-class from STO.
  7. Roughly twice the price of the original RD Evas, IIRC, but not bad for modern RD/Figuarts/Figma/etc pricing. Depends on just how many accessories, including hands, they come with. The old RDs had an absurd number of hands didn't they? Like 7 or 8 sets?
  8. Atheonyirh

    Hi-Metal R

    I'd probably be far more interested in that Roy VF-4 if it didn't still have those weird, chocolate colored joints and other misc points. Might wait to see if they do the teased Max and Millia versions, I guess.
  9. Terminator 3 justifies its existence for the final few minutes with the missiles launching, honestly. Even if most of it is pretty damn dumb. I also loved Genisys and am honestly disappointed that it will never be followed up on. I thought the way it followed up on concepts from The Sarah Connor Chronicles regarding a temporal cold war, timeline shifts changing history dynamically, etc was interesting and really wanted to know what was up with Pops and it being unable, or unwilling, to explain where the hell it came from. On the other hand I'm still pissed about the second trailer for Genisys spoiling the big twist with John.
  10. My GP02a being able to actually hold up its shield (with a bit of fiddling) on its own justifies getting it all on its own, to me.
  11. Pretty sure the general consensus at this point is that it helps temporarily, but the underlying chemical reaction continues and comes back with a vengeance. So the plastic yellows even worse than before and usually gets more brittle on top of that.
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