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  1. Wanting to get my little guy some diecast aircraft and needed some suggestions. He has a few ~2" jets that he loves so I want something a bit larger, say 6-9" with more detail. preferably $20-50 price range. Here are a couple examples I am looking at but literally I don't know anything about these, or other manufacturers, so any advice on which lines/manufacturers make better product would be appreciated: Amercom Blackbird: https://www.diecastairplane.com/store/p/126487-YF-12C-SR-71A-Blackbird-NASA-1971-1-144.html Daron/Postage Stamp Blackbird: https://www.flyingmule.com/products/MP-PS5389-1 Smithsonian Nighthawk: https://www.flyingmule.com/products/AF-A00145
  2. Anyone pick up the Batman Ninja figure? I'm kind of disappointed with it. There's just not much to it; equipment, articulation, poseability. Also the cape is really fragile. My little guy wants to play with it and I usually let him but I don't think this one has much resiliency. Passed on Joker because Batman is really more like what I would expect from a $20 figure, not a $50+ one...
  3. Is this one of you guys? https://www.ebay.com/itm/1-12-SENTINEL-RIOBOT-Mospeada-VR052F-T-Accessories-kit-Robotech-Cyclone/292725088914?hash=item4427c66292:g:WjIAAOSwtVdbmagT Who here has accessories for sale?
  4. Man what a mess. Once again Bandai prove they are the most anti-consumer Japanese company out there. At this point they are as bad as Harmony Gold in my opinion, just with a few less convicted felons in the executive offices.
  5. The Revoltech is quite good, especially compared to the Revoltech Ingrams. Something about this one didn't look so great to me and I've yet to pick it up, What did you dislike about the -Side Labor- version?
  6. Sorry if asked an answered here before but wondering about the new Medicom Mafex figures like this Eva-01 coming out: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10545381 Looks exactly like this one but at half the size: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10191307 Are these just half size RAH reissues? I already have most of the RAH Evas but I would spring for them again in a smaller scale also.
  7. Looks like that fansub site did get a cease and desist. And looks like sentai has it all...except for Mellowlink. Really?!?! I can't stand American licensors anymore...Discotek just screwed everyone with the Dub-only Lupin release, Sentai just screwed LOGH fans with forcing it all into a single print uber box that is rather absurdly priced, now they have Votoms without Mellowlink...what a bunch of a-holes... Also look forward to a $800+ single box set only release because it doesn't have 12 year old panty shots in it so they have no idea how to sell it to modern pedo-anime fans.
  8. Talking Head is completely unrelated. Bandai just bundled it with the others for whatever reason. Funny that we have such opposite reactions. There is some very nice animation in the brief combat scenes and the dreams/nightmares. But the people just look awful to me now. Backgrounds are nicely detailed also, it's just the character faces especially that now bother me. My disappointment is that the character animation is usually soooo good in Oshii films. True he did not personally direct Jin-Roh but he wrote the script and gave one of his longtime subordinate animators permission to do the film as long as the script was stuck to without changes. I never noticed years ago when the film was first out but it jumped out at me now. I agree that the anime industry is now at a point that their creativity is related to such generic character designs so as to generate yet another worthless nendoroid figure for sale. I actually prefer when anime doesn't look like an anime; works like Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust, Honneamise, Perfect Blue, Dezaki's Black Jack OVAs, and oshii's spectacular Patlabor 2, Angel Egg, GITS, & Innocence. I also really appreciate the character designs in stuff like the original Legend of the Galactic Heroes and Space Adventure Cobra tv series. In fact I will not watch the remake of LOGH because all character and aesthetic design is replaced by yet another set of generic anime pretty-boys. If you found Innocence, or any of Oshii's films, too slow then stay away from Akai Megane and Stray Dog, lol. You literally won't make through. Jin-Roh definitely follows Oshii's style of slower paced action epics...it just isn't all that epic in my opinion when compared to the patlabor films, GITS films, Angel egg, or Avalon. I'm actually hopeful that the on-again-off-again Kerberos CG film would make it out one day but who knows. Jin-Roh's is actually a pretty solid film overall; I just personally have some quibbles with it that render it way down my list of things to rewatch.
  9. There are two previous live action films Stray Dog and Akai Megane (The Red Spectacles). Mamoru Oshii is hands down my favorite film director and I spent years looking for the Japanese LDs for the two films plus Talking Head...to severe disappointment. The problem is that almost nothing happens in them, due to the shoe string budgets the characters basically just sit around lamenting how things went wrong, this is the end of the Panzer Cops, etc all while chain smoking their way through the films. When you see the first flashback or two you start to think something is going to happen...but it doesn't. When from out of nowhere Bandai dropped the three films in a dvd set I still grabbed a copy right away. And promptly never watched them, lol. The only one of the three worth watching is MAYBE Talking Head just because it is a murder mystery set inside an anime studio that is so bat-crap crazy that it is kind of interesting. But again, lots of talking...lots and lots and lots of talking. And I hate to say all this as he is hands down my favorite filmmaker. I would trade Blue Uru, Ninja Scroll 2, and the Vampire Hunter D TV series all for him to do GITS3, Patlabor 3, or his Lupin movie. I just think aside from Avalon his live-action work pales to the amazing animations he creates. Anyways this remake seems...pointless? A Korean remake of a somewhat obscure anime? Why? Who is asking for this? And the attempt to match the anime so closely is just going to backfire. Honestly I'd rather watch something like 2009 Lost Memories than this remake.
  10. On a side note does anyone here have contact info for Lupin Gang Anime? They were a fansub group a while back and they did a really nice translation on Mellowlink that I still have the VHS tapes for. I have found another version online but it is awful, the subtitler didn't even understand fundametals like how a word like "Taichou" is used. Everyone's rank is romanized but not translated and it makes for some very sloppy dialog. Also some of it is just plain wrong and he has a weird tirade in the credits of at least one episode where he rants about Mellowlink is ok because it isn't too religious and launches into attacking Christians for who know what reasons. Almost like some angry drunk subtitled the show, lol. Anyways I'd love to get a digital copy of Mellowlink as subbed by Lupin Gang Anime. Not sure if this is ok to ask here but this show is so obscure it's likely never going to be licensed.
  11. Huh...ok. Almost sounds like something character out of Doctor Who or what the Emperor did to a certain character in Escaflowne. I honestly would probably give the series another go when/if it releases here and I was fairly excited to have come across PF and Shining Heresy but man those first two PT episodes were just awful and stupid. Not sure how my list of shows that I like is fantastical and has continuity issues, sounds more like ATV has more of an issue with the latter than anything I listed. SDF and Macross Plus? They fit perfectly together and Plus is one of the more grounded and believable mech series; even the Sharon Apple AI stuff is believable given things like Hatsune Miku/Vocaloid and semi-sentient love dolls. Gundam 0083 and MS Igloo are non-canon and fantastical? Nope. Thunderbolt as well is completely a fit in the 0079 series of events and is brutally, uncomfortably realistic. Patlabor occasionally goes into the realm of fantastic...for ~5 out of 63 episodes, 2 of which are simply fun dream episodes. And the first two movies? Dead-on believable, probably the closest to what we may see in the near future out of any anime show. Escaflowne would count as fantastical, sure. But everything else on my list follows canon and is in some cases very real world and grounded. Stuff like Aura Battler, or even Macross 7, F, and Delta with its flying idols battling enemies would be far more fantastic that anything on my list.
  12. Thanks. Given the age of those sets the prices I'm seeing are pretty high for something to give my little guy but man this one is a steal.... https://www.amazon.com/Armored-Trooper-VOTOMS-DMZ-06-Scopedog/dp/B000TUR8PG I'll probably try these instead: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10103559 https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10446816 I actually misspoke with the 50 episode comment, what I was thinking of is this blogpost I saw years ago here: https://www.bateszi.me/2009/06/17/the-scent-of-flames-armored-trooper-votoms/ In which the author opines his love for the Deadworld Sunsa beginning around ep 28, but after 12 episodes that I did not enjoy at all and a protagonist that I completely disliked I had no interest in slogging through another dozen episodes to reach the "better" part of the series. Instead I sold my CPM DVD set for $500 and smiled all the way to the bank. However given that the show seems to have been licensed and just pulled from the site I was viewing I may give it another go when I can get a Blu-Ray for $50 or less. I really like the more realistic tone of the show...I just didn't care for anything else at the time, lol. Mellowlink is worse than Pailsen Files....ummm...no. Just animation alone AHM kicks a$$ with its solid late-80's hand-drawn animation. Angry, pissed-off protagonist who the viewer can empathize with within the first episode, great Jungle-warfare/Guerilla-style use of tactics, stealth, and traps against superior foes. Meanwhile Pailsen soldiers meander up the beaches in episode 1 dying by the droves and not one thinks to turn his gun on his idiot superiors and save his and his fellow soldier's lives over a fight over some forgotten patch of dirt. Then when the crap CG is done we get sub-American-cartoon quality animation. Sorry but Mellowlink is the only one I have seen in the ATV universe who isn't an imbecile. I'm not going to even remotely entertain the idea that I should feel bad about disliking Votoms. I actually want to like it because the mechs are so cool but so far it has kind of sucked aside from one offshoot series. What counts as better mech series? Escaflowne, Gundam 0083, MS Igloo, Thunderbolt, Patlabor (especially the films), SDF Macross, Macross Plus, even Megazone 23.
  13. Ok thanks. This E3, while not directly related to film, has pushed it over the top for me. For a example my most anticipated game for E3 was REMAKE 2. And I hate what they've done with it with the over emphasis on gore that was never present in the series before RE7. The gameplay vids from the show floor where Leo tries to pull the cop through the shutter and instead literally pulls him apart and we get to see all the gooey entrails....fun!!! For sickos that is...and Last of Us 2...torture porn but because it stars a lesbian main character it's completely ok that it is totally depraved and absurd. Man I miss the days where a horror film was not a Blumhoouse gore/demon fest and we got intelligent and freaky stuff like The Orphanage or even the first American Ring film... /Siderant, lol. Thanks for the feedback will check this out.
  14. My Rey came in today from BBTS but I'm kinda meh on toys nowadays and thinking of returning it and selling my Sticks....there's a joke in there somewhere I think. Anyways has there been any talk of the other two bikes coming from Sentinel? If so I will keep to make the set but if we are only getting these two I kind of don't care anymore.
  15. I read an intriguing review of this a couple weeks ago. It's not a gore-fest right? I literally don't watch modern "horror" films because they have so little creativity and just rely on gore and demons as a crutch for their lack or creativity.
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