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  1. What is Arcadia smoking? Saw the Strike Garland, thought....I don't really buy toys much anymore but must have! Was clicking through the ordering process and realized it was nearly $600 USD....oh and the Strike Parts aren't even included. Those are another $200+. So ~$800 for white paint and some cheap plastic weapons!?!? Have they just lost their minds? The Japanese economy isn't exactly skyrocketing right now. This is so exploitative I honestly don't know if I can support anything else they make in the future. Please don't post the link to Mr. K. explaining why Arcadia is so much more on pricing than Yamato; because this is just completely nuts and insane for a flimsy, mostly plastic toy.

    Just FYI that is most likely the unpainted, unfinished model for that price. I have the completed, prepainted one and it is beautiful; main issue is Shinobu doesn't really stand on the car's rim like that and I had to position her on the base with the door open as if she was stepping out. Also Shinge slides off the back easily so I stuck him with the rear antenna between his legs and he stays on. Maybe I was supposed to glue them on but would rather not so I just use these work-arounds. Great set though, highly recommended for serious fans of the series.

    Nice custom work! Tyrant arrived today. I actually didn't want this one as I never found the construction-labors-committing-crimes aspect of the show all that interesting but it is quite sturdy and I rather like it "in person". Also with each new figure I am less impressed by how flimsy the Ingrams feel; the Tyrant feels much denser and more durable. He also looks better in virtually any position; the Ingrams take a lot of posing to get them to not look like a cheap toy; the Brocken, Saturn, and Tyrant look much nicer in any pose in my opinion. Only thing I would avoid is raising up the torso, the piece connecting the upper and lower segments doesn't feel like it will endure a lot of manipulation so I'm keeping mine squashed down. I bought two back when NY's preorder price was ~$90; kind of wish I'd gotten a third one like I usually do.

    Yeah, have to pass on the Zero kit also. Don't have the time or experience to make it turn out nice. Put my Saturn on the shelf with the others, will post some pics probably tomorrow. Had to wait for my little guy to "help" me "build" it. Saturn is pretty solid feeling, legs and knees work much better than the Ingrams which catch on themselves when trying to get them out of a bent position sometimes. Really darkly colored compared to all the other figures, needs to be in a well lit spot or you just about don't see detail. Also shield pops off real easy, so once you have it on solid don't touch that darned thing! But super cool looking.

    Woohoo! In hand!
  6. New Macross TV Series in 2018

    I couldn't agree more. Totally geeked out when Patlabor EZY was announced (and with it being presented by Headgear maybe Oshii is involved?!?!). Macross Delta-Scramble-Girly-Song-Force-2.0 or whatever this new project turns out to be???? Pass. Watched about 5 minutes of the first Delta episode and couldn't stand it....it was like Otomedius the anime....except that Otomedius was an intentionally silly parody of Konami's own also-silly Parodius shooter/shmup games...and yet Delta is supposed to be taken seriously. Barf. One of the worst examples ever of a company spitting on me as a consumer.
  7. So I have wanted to see Zero forever.....saw the first episode fansubbed years ago but couldn't find the others. Finally had a chance to watch it this past week and liked some things about it and disliked somethings about it. Shin kinda sucks as a main character, his motivations are hard to understand and he seems to waffle from episode to episode as to what his focus is. Zero Roy is a very interesting take and not what I expected based on his (Robotech) persona. Still thought he was probably the best character in the show. The show itself almost seemed like two separate series; it's basically kick-a**-tropical-Valkyrie-battle-show and then this almost separate "Macross-Island-Adventure", which makes me think of Evangelion for some reason. It's almost like the two aspects of the show don't really connect, at least not in the same way that they do in the original Macross, Plus, or Frontier. That said the Valkyrie battles were excellent. In fact while the show falls far below Plus the dogfights were actually much better in my opinion. The valks move in a much more believable manner than Plus where Isamu routinely flew his valk around in a manner that looked like a child playing with a toy. Also the more gritty, realistic, pre-SDF Macross designs and combat was really well done and that final face off between Shin/Nora and Roy/Ivanov was friggin awesome. I also liked that the series presented both the UN and Anti-UN forces in equally unfavorable light as things unfold. The original Macross tells us that the alien ship crashed and all humanity united; this version presents a slightly more realistic view of a more tumultuous transition prior to the Zentradi arrival. Overall a cool series though nowhere near as good as Plus or what I have seen thus far of Frontier which I also just started. That said some of my favorite mechs from the franchise now come from Zero after having finally seen it. In fact I was planning to clear out my Zero Valks but now they are probably my favorites.
  8. Cleaning and Maintance on chogokin figures

    Has anyone run into this issue. One of my Eva Chogokins has white spots all over the soft plastic hands and head upon recently removing it from it's box. I have all six of the Bandai Evas, all legit originals from BBTS, all stored together in their original boxes (with silica packs inserted), all six stored together in the same storage box in climate controlled environment. When I first removed the figure I immediately thought it was mold. Where you do not see white spots is where my fingers made contact. The head was completely coated with spots before I began to wipe them off. This was the first of the six I opened and no others had this issue. Also there is no "mold" growth inside of the plastic bag in which it was originally wrapped inside the box. Anyone know what this is? Attached a picture of one of the (clean) others for comparison.

    Saturns on the way! Super excited!
  10. Whats next for Arcadia?

    Sold my Elintseeker and Ostrich and totally regret doing so, would love a reissue. Also WHERE IS THE YF-21!?!?!??!?!

    Overall I am really pleased with this line; in fact right now I'm not even buying Valkyries and only following Patlabor this year. Mostly because my collection is out of control and I am trying to moderate, lol. For poops and giggles I took a photo of the Ingram 2 since it came in two versions and there is a bit of confusion about it (watermarked so some Chinese Bootlegger on Ebay can't steal my pic without spending a bunch of time in photoshop). While both were Tamashii Web Exclusives the box with the Ohta-Rage pose is the "basic" Ingram 2 unit and the box with the shotgun pose is the more limited variant that includes the paint gun and command car. My little guy loves helping me "build a robot" with these; his way of saying put the accessories with them and find a spot on the shelves. Can't wait for the Saturn (amazed it is even happening) and really hopeful for the previously teased Phantom and whatever else might be coming. Has the Helldiver been confirmed? Or just rumored?
  12. Is Kurama Shop Hobbysite/bandaionline.com legit?

    Sounds like they suck. Bummer, only place with the Robot Spirits Labor Model 2 at a decent price since I missed NY's preorder window.
  13. Is Kurama Shop Hobbysite/bandaionline.com legit?

    Are these guys legit? I find it dubious that a company like Bandai sues an indie game developer making a power-rangers-inspired game and yet lets these guys use their business name in a URL. Or are they an English language clearing house for Bandai to avoid Harmony-Gold and other region issues? Anyone with experience ordering from them? http://www.bandaionline.com/
  14. Macross Δ (Delta) - Mission 1 - READ 1st POST

    So I voted to see results....people liked this? I mean really??? The CG looks way more glaring compared to the "cel" anime than it did in Macross Frontier. And the idols go into battle with the valks?!?! And the Valks pose and dance for dramatic effect during parts of the songs?!?! WTF is this nonsense....
  15. Hi-Metal R

    If anyone needs one the Glaug is available at Amiami: http://www.amiami.com/top/detail/detail?gcode=FIGURE-015945