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  1. there are more 1:1 models from this site: https://secure.pmoon.co.jp/TOUSHINDAI/Chara/Chara.html oh yeah. it has Chii and the EVA girls, among others.
  2. get and use CDEX. it's free and easy and it's really good. http://www.cdex.n3.net/
  3. saw this Ruri-auction blip from Animeondvd.com forum:. http://page6.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/f6068393
  4. Have no idea, dude, since I buy from him locally. Anecdotally, tho, the one time I ordered for an out-of-state friend's bday-gift, there weren't any problems reported by my friend at all when the items were delivered. That's the only time I ordered from RSC's online-store, tho. fwiw, I think he uses UPS and USPS for shipping. Oh, and he seems to only ship within the US territories at this time. So Canadian and other non-US region buyers are out of luck this time. Bummer.
  5. Ok. First off, I'm not affiliated in anyway other than I'm a regular buyer from this store for my gundam-kits. It's the local anime-shop here in San Diego and he's having a clearance-sale right now. I didn't know until yesterday, but I guess the sale started during the last weekend and is still going on. Note that he used to carry Macross (yamato) items and I'd bought my first VF-1J from him, until HG came to his store with some cops or something a couple of years ago or so and made him give up on Macross. Anyway, if you're into Gundam model-kits, check out his clearance-sale at: http://www.rsc-online.com/clearancesale.html This is just a good deal to not inform some of you about it. --treatment--
  6. I feel like I'm discussing this with two Abombz instead of one since you can't seem to remember what you wrote. This is what you said from top of page-3: I understand where you are coming from, but BW is a one hit wonder, they made Macross and nothing else. I replied with a link. The link says BigWest was involved in production of both Tylor and Macross-TV. Unless you're reading something else on that link I gave you, that link basically debunked your original claim that Macross was the only hit of Big West and that Big West is one-hit wonder. You don't even know the sequels for Tylor. Basically, you shoot your mouth (or fingers) before you checked on what exactly BigWest actually has in it's portfolio of titles. The ANN-encyclopedia is a wealth of info on anime and stuff and I suggest you use it for reference. Btw, last time I check, Macross was the creation of Studio Nue. No, you just said that without Tomino, there would be no Macross. That is what you said. I thought it was like 1985, but yes, I could care less about the novel since I'm an anime and toy fan, and not a manga-fan or a novel-fan. That really doesn't change the fact that the Sentinels are the best-looking Gundam to get to purchase right now. Regardless if the buyer is even aware of an actual Sentinels-novel. And I personally buy aesthetically-pleasing toys and models and I never ever relied on any novels for those purchasing decisions. Huh? Do you really think BW does not care what the heck HG was doing with their property? Do you really think that there was no reason at all why they gave the DYRL-license to whoever and the MacII-license and the Plus-license to Manga Video, instead of giving them all to HG?And I thought you were joking about Hikaru being angsty. Sheesh! Oh, I don't know. Maybe because MS-8th Team was really that good and the viewers actually like it alot both here and in Japan? I'm sure that thought prolly might have crossed your mind somewhere. How the fugazi the companies know if people gets bored with a series they're broadcasting again to cancel a show? Do they use a ouija-board or a crystal-ball to make that determination? Geezus, Abombz! lol! No, duhh. I'm a Gundam-fan primarily because of the mecha-models. Tomino's storytelling always takes a backseat. It's called polite discussion, Abombz. I really could care less about your dislike of Zero and mostly ignores it when I come across it in the old boards, but when you go on and on and on about how crappy and shitty Zero is without really having a firm foundation about it and all of us here knowing there's only two episodes shown as of yet, it gets a little tiring. To say the least. Even tho I dislike M7, I'm ok with people liking or disliking M7. Heck! I even posted screenshots of what I don't like about M7. I just don't go around disparaging M7 every chance I get like you seem to do whenever Zero gets mentioned. Just take that as a constructive criticism of your vocal Zero-unhappiness. You're probably correct. Right now, I'm just one of those that likes it already, even with only two episodes shown. I just need/want the toys to go along with it. --treatment--
  7. Uhmm, how do you mean BW hasn't pursued Tylor? What has that got to do with the price of tea in China again? Are you really saying the Macross stories (TV, DYRL, PLUS, ZERO, and M7) are all Tomino's ideas? Are you actually saying that Kawamori's designs in Macross were not originals at all and that the VF-1S/VF-1A, VF-0, YF-19, YF-21, etc, etc, are all copycats of Tomino's original sketches? I think your Tomino worship is just getting the better of you, Abombz. I could care less about how huge the novel is. Last time I check, it's only within the last two years that 1/100 HG and MG Sentinel models have appeared on US soil and still is limited. And the novel was made like when again? Afaik, Bandai had the Taka-license and they sat on it for a long time. And HG didnt start actively blocking Macross toys until the Toycom/Yamato-incident three years ago or so. We all know that, right? Nope. I believe the UC MS-8th anime was quite popular after Wing and the rx-79g was the hottest kit after Wing. Fwiw, Afterwar-X was popular in the early goings in anime, too, before it's ratings went down. Just that their X's HG model-lines sucked. Also note that Bandai shut down AnimeVillage here in the US and directly marketed Gundam DVDs and merchandises (Wing, Stardust, 0080, 8th MS team) here in the US to maintain and sustain their Gundam franchise. Well, let me put it this way to you, then: I dislike Macross-7, yet I'm not anywhere as vocal about my dislike of it as much as you are vocal about your dislike of Macross-Zero. As do I. I like all of EVA (except the dubs), but I know alot of people don't share that same EVA-liking that I do. I beg to differ. It shouldn't take all of the dvd's to be released for Macross-Zero to get it's attention. I rather have Studio Nue take their time refining the anime than rush Zero. I rather say that Macross-Zero needs to have it's mechas (toys/models) to be out on sale and on display and heavily advertised right now by Yamato or whoever has the toy-license for Zero's popularity in Japan to go up higher. I'm not sure if even Hasegawa has put out any other Zero models other than the Tomcat and the Mig-29 to seed demand for Zero. --treatment--
  8. Errr, you claimed BW never had a popular series other than Macross, but you were unaware of the popularity of Tylor. I guess I'm the foolish one, no? omg, lol!I tell you what, at least Hikaru chases and wants to sleep with Minmay. I don't think Hikaru's as hopelessly platonic as Amuro. So I guess those models were just a figment of my imagination, right? The market is saturated with a bunch of AC and UC gundam-models the last 10 years or so, so it's only logical for Bandai to release the Sentinel kits at this day and age with better manufacturing stuff than back in, say, 1984. They really look awesome on the display-shelves of the anime and model stores where they display Sentinels here in the States. And they're distinctly different enough from the old-guard and aging RX-78s/RX-79 lines and the Wing line. Heck! I haven't even seen any Sentinel novel here in the States, yet, but I've seen Sentinel toys quite up close and they are selling quite well. I'm quite glad, actually, that I'm not aware of the Sentinel-novels because I'm not a novel-fan, anyway. I can't read japanese and I don't want to read novels. I rather watch anime and/or build Gundam models/toys without regards to any novels. I guess I just like the aesthetics of the models and toys to look at than just reading a novel. More to the point, tho, is that a bunch of regular people around here in the States don't know anything about the Sentinels-novel like me, but are aware and are buyers of the Sentinels-model kits. That just adds up to the popularity of the Gundam-franchise much to a Macross-fan dismay that the Macross-franchise ain't as popular in comparison. Well, who in their right mind would want to buy ugly kits like X and Turn-A, anyway to begin with? I mean, the Sentinels-models are more popular than the Seed-models and both are quite attractive kits, but the Sentinels-models are just hands-down no-contest better-looking than any Gundam-line. I don't think those 14-year-old kids I see getting their parents to buy them EX-S kit have read the Sentinels-novel or know more about Gundam than Wing. Ahh, but you 're quite so vocal about your dislike of Zero. I can only gather that maybe you dislike the Zero-story because it was that messed up in your opinion. I mean, I dislike both MSG and Wing stories, but I am not so vocal about it like your dislike of Zero. Oh, well. Maybe when Yamato finally release the Zero-line, it might just help propel the sales of Zero to higher levels. I mean, if the HG-embargo gets lifted, then maybe there will be a resurgence of Macross popularity both in here and in Japan itself. The Gundam-franchise doesn't have the problem of the Macross-franchise. In fact, it can be inferred (more people have stated so) that Bandai was the one that stifled the Macross-franchise for not releasing enough models, Takatoku and Banpresto lines when they had the exclusive merchandize-license. I guess most of us knows that only when Hasegawa made a successful run on classic Macross fighter-models did Bandai took notice and tried to milk their Macross-lines with the re-issues and 15th anniversary lines. Then Yamato basically destroyed Bandai's chunky-monkey lines with the 1/60's. I guess Yamato just needs more advertisement-space and more room to sell their lines in areas like the US just like what Bandai is doing with it's Gundam-franchise. Still, the key to this is the lifting of the HG-embargo. But that's a whole different can of worms to try to open, i should say. --treatment--
  9. Tylor side-stories was the sequel to Irresponsilbe Tylor. The point was that i guess you haven't seen nor know enough of Tylor to make a statement like: I love when ppl provide the link but don't even bother to read whats in it. Tell exactly which one of those shows matched the success of Macross. Just makes you foolish for doing so, no? Kawamori was inspired by Gundam in general... not just the Mechs, specially since he is able to do them much better. You're moving the goal-post here, Abombz. You said if it wasn't for Tomino, there would be no Macross. There's nothing Tomino in Macross besides mecha-inspiration. I mean, I haven't seen any spacenoid-newtypes and angst-ridden 15-year-old super-pilots in Macross. You likes or dislikes don't change the fact that the best Gundam is a novel, and a model book. If you are going to use something to prove a point... at least do it correctly. Without the novel, there would be no models. And there is no model kit called Sentinel BTW. Actually, the best Gundam was Zeta, CCA and, imho, 8th MS-Team. All animated Gundams. Not novels. Oh, yeah, btw. I don't think these are just a plain model-books: http://dougram.battletechnology.org/Gundam...delsAndToys.htm Maybe it's not availalbe in your area, yet. I've seen quite a few at the last Comic-Con and some local anime/models shops here in Southern California at the very least. Yeah... and whats your point? That doesn't change the fact that model kits have been carrying the franchise since Wing, as X and Turn A failed to be popular. One of the most popular model-kits before were the Wing-models HG and PG. How quickly you forget? First.... before you start posting a reply be sure to read my name correctly.... the z is not just an accessory. Ok. Here's your "z" before I forget again. Yup. The character designs on Zero is quite ok for this generation. Unless of course, you have a thing against animated females with prominent boobies. There's only been two episodes released from Zero so you can't make any claims that the story is already messed up. Maybe you should reserve your judgement until all the episodes were shown, no? Actually, yeah. You've been quite loud about your dislike about Zero from the old boards. I thought it was just your passing fancy, but I guess you're so stuck with it right now. So I guess you're a minority within a minority, then?
  10. sweet! I can't wait for this dvd to become R1. I've always like the non-mecha/non-serious side of FMP-1 and it's a good thing they took it away from this FMP-2. You know, is it just me or does anyone else think Kaname's too much of Yurika(nadesico)reborn in design? ;P ;P ;P
  11. The original SD Gundam is a master piece of comedy. It features all the original voice actors and MSs. This SD Gundam is a hack made for the American audience. <_< and that's a problem because...? I do wish the original SD-Gundam gets released here. Comedic-value and all. Its not a problem at all..... beyong the fact that this new show is dumb at best. But then again... I'm just 1 person, and thats just my opinion. <_< err, so you just have a problem with it, then? ---- You never know. If the Superior Defender will make enough sales here, it might just justify the US release of the original SD-Gundams. Just like the upcoming Zeta-release next year or so. --treatment--
  12. No, I have not seen Apocalypse Zero, but I've seen Tylor and it's one of the classics. I think Tylor was as popular as Macross-TV. Afaik, it has a better character-development and better/correct military-terminologies.I guess you just haven't seen Tylor, no? Errr, I believe Kawamori was inspired by the mecha in Gundam, and not by Tomino's weird story about spacenoid-newtypes. *shrug* All I see now is the godly Sentinels Gundam models. I don't see any Sentinel-novels over here right now. Why the heck would I want to read a mecha-novel, anyway? The reason why I got into Gundams is, well, I wanna see the Gundams. Models and animated. Yup. I'm not even sure you can classify the wingers as just "casual fans". So why is Seed so popular right now? The story is a known hack. Could it be that the Gundams in Seed are just damn good-looking in animation? Yup. Amuro was overly shallow and quite a whiner, too. Huh?! Whatever, Abombs. It's really just your shallow personal opinion of the characters and mechas in Zero and you're really just in the minority regarding Zero. --- Oh, yeah. For anyone thinking I'm an AC-nutcase, I'm not. I'm a UC-fan just like any other old-timers my age.
  13. Bastard! oh, well. I dont even have funds for the fastpacks, yet, anyway.
  14. The original SD Gundam is a master piece of comedy. It features all the original voice actors and MSs. This SD Gundam is a hack made for the American audience. <_< and that's a problem because...? I do wish the original SD-Gundam gets released here. Comedic-value and all.
  15. Excel's funny. but FLCL own3dz it. ;P
  16. Uhmm, you're a bit wrong there. Big West 's current portfolio: http://animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/c...pany.php?id=314 Yeah. MSG bombed shitlessly in Japan when it was first shown there. If not for the mecha-otakus fancying the mecha-designs of Gundam, it would've gone to oblivion. I've always wondered why Tomino's got an unhealthy fascination on young boys and still clings on esp. fwiw, G-Gundam pissed off alot of UC-fans like me when it was released. And Wing created a new bunch of AC-gundam fans that's now into Seed and are basically responsible for the continued fascinating and extreme popularity of Gundams. The best Gundam right now is not even a show, but a model-kit: Sentinels. Fwiw, Zeta and Seed ain't even officially out here, yet. Err, do you really believe Amuro Rei was not the ultimate crappy shallow character? Oh, puh-lease! Macross-Zero is all that and a bag of chips. You're just one of the few that just don't like it personally.
  17. yup. it's a pretty kewl new show. definitely kiddy, but still kewl. I think the mechas are gonna be mixed UC and AC variations. The zakus are the old uc-types and capt.gundam looks like some sort of gp-01. The trailers show alot of ac-type gundams, tho. The animation and art were great. The kid was alot more tolerable than the corny kids from TF-Armada. long live chibi-gundams!
  18. I couldn't agree more Rob. Big West really needs to be more proactive about advertising and they really need to get a new Macross TV series on air as soon as possible and push it as hard as they can. I've heard very vague rumors of a new TV series coming after Zero finishes, but nothing concrete. Perhaps Egan Loo (Macross Compendium) would know something? Personaly, I think BW dropped the ball long ago by not airing a sequel TV series to Macross in the mid-to late 80's (and then a new Macross series every 2-3 years thereafter). Original Macross was pretty damn popular at the time, but BW wasted too much time on other less successful projects before returning to Macross in the 1990s. By that time they had left it too late and a lot of fans had moved on or lost interest. If BW do release a new Macross TV series, I think they would have to go with a more mainstream approach in order to capture a bigger fanbase. While I personaly love Macross 7, it was a little to 'out there' for many people and alienated a lot of fans. This of course begs the question, what do we as fans want in a new Macross TV series? Do we want a more mainstream approach ala Gundam SEED, aimed to appeal to a younger audience and thus sell more toys, models and CDs? Or do we want to trust Kawamori's vision, knowing full well that he may veer off into unpredictable teritory and give us a Macross that while inovative and fresh may only appeal to a limited audience? Graham considering there's a new SD-Gundam (superior defender) show .... why not an SD-Macross show, too?
  19. Your poll is a bit weird, since Macross Complete actually includes TV and DYRL soundtracks, as well as BGMs and other standalone radio-drama music. I can't remember if it includes the MacII Ishtar songs. I also can't vote on the "I like all of Macross soundtracks" option, since I generally avoid the crappy M7/Firebomber music. So, Macross Complete gets my vote. It's one package. But it's not on your poll-options, so I guess it's Other. The Mac+ soundtracks are also good, but it's scattered into several separate cd's. I think I have all of the various Macross TV soundtracks (including DYRL and radio-dramas and promos), all of Mac+ releases, one MacII, and the one available Macross Zero OST. I abhor the M7 soundtracks, but I do have and like the Mylene Sings Minmay cd. I suggest you get all of the Macross TV/DYRL and Plus soundtracks. --treatment--
  20. especially in the Movies and Other Anime sections. It's really stupid and quite board-fugly to have more than two or three sticky-threads in a section. I highly suggest you guys move some of those sticky-threads to the FAQ-forum and just make one sticky-label reminding people to check the FAQ-forum. Or eliminate some of the low-traffic sections and make one single-forum dedicated to these sticky-threads. --treatment--
  21. you know, guys (and girls, if any), regardless of what we all think of what happened or not with Guld's arc, one thing is pretty evident in this thread: We all so much love the Macross Plus story. So much so that varying smart-level interpretations of the intelligent drama-aspect of the show completely engulfs all of us in a rather intelligent and civilized manner of discussion. Kudos to you all and to Macross Plus for being such a powerful and premiere Macross title. Keep up the smartness. +ACo-thumbs up+ACo- --treatment--
  22. You know, I really don't think it was even rape, but rather jealous rage/assault that was committed or gonna be committed by Guld during the flashbacks. I mean how can Guld proceed to rape her when Isamu was present in that room and scene? I doubt that Isamu was socked cold by Guld and Isamu would've killed Guld then and there if rape were to have happened. And how can Myung forgive and forget or even be at the same place with Guld after a rape? That's alot of traumatic stuff that cannot be forgotten nor forgiven. Oh, well. I still think Isamu dying in M+ would have been the most monumentally stupid act of story-writing.
  23. Ok. I absolutely adore the japanese-dubbing on Mahoromatic and I've basically finished Maho-2 already some months ago. Nevertheless, since this is a Region-1 release and it's been a long time since I listened to the english-dubs of Mahoro.... This is the first time I'm watching Season-2 in it's english-dubs and it's kinda meh-to-ok quality, although it's an all-star bandai/pioneer voice-actors cast, imho. Oh, uhh, they also kinda screwed up the pronounciation of the "Minawa" name, i.e. Mee-nawah instead of Mi-na-wah. I need to brush up on the english-va names, but I did recognized a few english-vocals and presented here in their familiar anime-titles characters: -- Rem/Shinobu as Mahoro -- Keitaro Urashima as Suguru -- Spike Speigel as Ryuga sensei -- Faye Valentine as Saori sensei -- Minoru Kokubunji as the boy-android Feldrance. I haven't figure out who the english-vocals on Minawa, yet, tho it's at the tip of my tongue right now. ---- Oh, uhh, yeah. Did I mention Season-2 is very heavy on fan-service compared to Season-1? And it's not just Mahoro's? hehehe +AF4AXwBe- +AF4AXwBe- +AF4AXwBe-
  24. welp! Got home and found Maho-2 r1-package waiting for me. Damn usps for delaying it since I know they had it in since last week, but didnt deliver for some odd reason. Anyway, here's what the package-contains: It doesn't contain those gnarly-kewl character mini-standups stuff like the season-1 r1-packages were including. Well, just an fyi to mahoro fanboyz. :)
  25. The sad thing is I still haven't found the FLCL boxset edition. Sadly, no flcl-boxset unless you buy it from online, i guess. Even suncrap don't have the boxset on retail. FLCL disc-3 (non-boxset) is out on Software Etc, Electronic Boutique, and GameStop stores for $24. You might ask the clerks of these stores if they have any boxed-version left.
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