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  1. The Road to Hasbroverse

    What does it say about the Bay movies, if someone like me APPLAUDS a reboot of the Transformers?
  2. I'm not talking from the viewpoint of "minorities", I'm talking from the viewpoint of viewing a movie, for, you know: entertainment purposes apparently, that specific use of "stereotypes" (redundant, since characters in movies are always stereotypes), was a major success, not just with black people to which was catered to in the first place, but white people as well and apparently helped elevate black people to A-list status, even though catering to a much smaller market (IF we were to believe the agenda that white people segregate themselves from anything non-white) I could now make a joke about you marginalizing otherkin,... Ironically, she was portrayed as a flawless character, brave, assertive, etc. a better 'character' than the 'heroes' we initially are introduced to Anyone calling Luke a Marty Stu, should first take a look at how Leia was written It certainly wasn't 1960 anymore and I point to my comment about "Blaxploitation" again Keeping in mind the movie was targeted towards teen boys, this certainly got the adults and lesbians on board (If I have to argue against criticism of heteronormative behaviour, I'm pretty sure the human race is on it's way out) When you think about it, the guy with the pointy ears was still higher in rank than the then-current political adversaries and minorities ~ Personally, I don't give a damn about diversity in movies, but I do give a damn about forced diversity in movies, forcing leads to resentment, resentment leads to hate ...fill in the rest
  3. So now sexists and misogynists are under the same banner as the "Alt-Right" I don't think you know what "Alt-Right" stands for Also: Luke was a flawed character in abilities, Anakin a flawed character in character I don't think you know what "Mary Sue" stands for I also was unaware that movies are only allowed to be seen by people that like them and agree on all of their terms, I happen to think "Thelma & Louise" was a good movie Did I do an unspeakable act by watching a movie with strong feminist undertones, even though I don't agree with feminism? ...and you made me chuckle with the emphasis on the "Strong women with blue hair", as if people needed confirmation about progressive stereotypes Hate to break it to you, back then, we didn't give a damn about diversity in movies, nobody was moaning about how movies needed more of it either Nobody gave a damn Leia was a woman, nobody gave a damn lando was black and nobody gave a damn Akbar was a fish/thing, people went looking to see a good movie not identity politics Perhaps its better you put forth Gene Roddenberry as a groundbreaking director, at least he did it in a time when diversity was still a sensitive subject
  4. [R.I.P.] Eddie Clarke

    Damn There's one thing to say goodbye to icons, but another matter to close the entire book on them
  5. Tamiya Cars

    Had quite a few of these buggers back in the day I didn't sport facial hair yet Luckily rechargeable batteries were already at consumer level back then, or I'd bankrupted my parents What was fun (at least until the motor burnt out), was putting in a 9v battery and really watch them go off
  6. [R.I.P.] Hugh Hefner

    Yeah, they went full retard with that move, which is why I don't think that, with The Hef gone, it'll survive for much longer
  7. [R.I.P.] Hugh Hefner

    Expect december 2017 to be the last anniversary of Playboy Magazine So long Hef, we'll always have your centerfolds
  8. For me it's simply the "too clean" look of everything
  9. Toys R Us files Chapter 11

    What's the catch? You can't just file bankruptcy under the guise of "Sorry suppliers, you're not getting your money, while we're keeping our business" “Today marks the dawn of a new era at Toys R Us where we expect that the financial constraints that have held us back will be addressed in a lasting and effective way,” Dave Brandon, the company's CEO said in a statement. ......wait wut? "Financial constraints"? maybe I should try that with my mortgage
  10. Maybe it's my nostalgia kicking in, but the new animation looks cheap and generic
  11. Harmony Gold suing Tatsunoko

    If the case was decided less than a month ago, and HG is already using legal pressure on Tatsunoko for the money, I'd think HG isn't is such a good financial position
  12. Harmony Gold suing Tatsunoko

    The way I see this deal ending is that HG (which as of currently has their meal ticket owing them money) is in no position to bargain with Tatsunoko Tatsunoko, come 2021, can take them to the cleaners in exchange for HG keeping the license, and I'm pretty sure Big West has an interest in that licence as well (if not to try regaining total control over their series again) So , even though strapped for cash, it's not like Tatsunoko has one horse to bet on, even if HG tries to sue them into bankruptcy