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  1. Nightbat

    Ghostbusters movie 3?

    3 seconds in, the "Meh" part of the story already shows up Let's face it, what's killing movies is franchising, hell, the Terminator "Franchise" consists of more wrecks than a Thai railroad accident Man, I'd pay good money for Mad Max in Beyond Thunderdome, to walk into the distance and never be seen again "The End" Or Bilbao Baggins getting killed in the first movie, but noooo, they had to make 2 more movies and turn his character into probably one of the worst leads in movie history
  2. Nightbat

    Ghostbusters movie 3?

    They also alienated any fanbase except the one they wanted to cater to They pulled a "let the past die" on the original fans without being so blatant as putting it in the script But, I'm sceptical of the new one, I wanna see the old gang again, but it's gonna be gimped without Egon, and it's hard to live up to the legacy even IF it's the gang we love GB2 wasn't what we wished for either, and many 'One last Time' sequels have been pretty "Meh"
  3. Nightbat

    Arcadia 1/60 VE-1 Elintseeker Premium Finish

    That's my issue with the old VT-1D Once crushed the canopy between my fingers, been dying to get a replacement
  4. Nightbat

    Ghostbusters movie 3?

    The only thing I know of is Murray had no problem to do another GB, IF the script was comparable in quality to the first one Describing Aykroyd and Ramis "On top of their game" for that one, but not showing the same level on later scripts of GB offered to him (and after GBII, you can't blame him for wanting something better) I stand corrected after some reading
  5. I thought the physical dead giveaway was the addition of 2 tabs in the nosecone to prevent it falling off what I'm not sure about is if the flaps were fixed in position on later models Edit: It seems the mastercard(?) specials are missing in that list?
  6. Nightbat

    Star Citizen

    Initially, the kickstarter was to gain finances to assure potential investors of viability of the idea That changed after a certain point was reached (I believe even before $25M was achieved in funding) http://www.kotaku.co.uk/2016/09/23/inside-the-troubled-development-of-star-citizen Those investors Roberts had been hoping to court with a small Kickstarter success and simple prototype? He didn’t need them any more. “I think it’s for the betterment... not for them, but for the project,” Roberts told me. Without private investors, he explains, “there's no a 'I need my return on the money, I need you to get [the game] out so I can sell my stake' or 'We need you to sell to EA or someone'.”
  7. Nightbat

    Star Citizen

    ...wait, so us backers invested $200m and have 0% stake and you call it a good deal for us? CIG already had enough money to finish the game, this they stated quite while ago, any surplus went to stretch goals, i'd say marketing could fall under such a stretch goal
  8. Nightbat

    Star Citizen

    I don't think splintering the game is gonna contribute to healthy server population We're talking niche market here, with a few entrenched competitors to boot
  9. Nightbat

    Star Citizen

    Gotta say, that in the 26 years of gaming I've done, this has got to be the biggest disappointment of them all And I really want this game to succeed, but when I see the amount of time and money that has already went into it, and the results so far...? I think this game only will go live when the money for new ships stops coming in
  10. Nightbat

    Diecast Aircraft Collectors

    Hey thanks, that HM model looks pretty nice
  11. Nightbat

    Diecast Aircraft Collectors

    Gentlemen if I may ask: If I were in the market for a Supermarine Spitfire (Mk Ia/IIa/V) in one of a larger scale (1/32, 1/48, 1/24, ...1/1? ) Are there any, and if yes, what are the better models out there? (No kits, I've been sucking at modeling ever since working with clay in Kindergarten )
  12. Nightbat

    I still like my 1/48 Collection. How about you?

    Easy: Real life geting the better of me