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  1. Talking about RC models I have an old Clod Buster on my shelf (Post Chevy/Pre 4x4x4 logo-ed grill) Did some mods to it, like adapting the chassis to hold 3 batteries (1 for each motor/esc) 1 for powering the lights making rear lights in the chassis, putting beams on the roll bar Nowadays I'm contemplating on 'improving' the Clod Basically a 'different' Juggernaut Clod Shell, wheels and suspension on Bruiser/Hi lift/CR-01 chassis/powertransfer, dual servo steering
  2. "But honey, that is a reaaaaaally small asian girl standing next to it, like 65% smaller than normal and you know how small they are normally"
  3. Been playing guitar for longer than I've been collecting anime figures, haven't improved much over the years, for several reasons Collecting anime figures is on a very, VERY low priority, having no place to showcase them is one of the reasons, the other is cost in combination with real life and my most expensive hobby:
  4. I simply can't get over the absence of Mel Blanc's voices
  5. Don't be discouraged, I've been practicing Shoryuken for close to 30 years now, and am convinced that one dat I may be able to knock over a paper cup
  6. I'll say it once, Martin Lawrence better clean up his act, because he was bloody irritating in BB2
  7. I stick with my principle: If it doesn't have the old cast, it sucks by definition
  8. That's the reason why I chose a motorcycle as my mode of transportation and haven't regretted it a single day Contrary to popular belief, there is no "Sightseeing" on bikes, not on the move there isn't. What you're doing when touring is enjoying the bike, the way it handles The only scenery you can ponder is the sky ahead, but even that you can chalk up to being aware and preparing for any weather changes You're busy mentally and physically every time, all the time, regardless of the level at which our moving, a short trip to the store, a steady commute, a leisurely tour, balls to the wall track day or highway hooliganism You're always estimating corners, feeling the traction, spotting the dangers, all senses are working Hell, even in a group, it still boils down to just "You and your bike", impressing your buddies leaves no time to enjoy their reactions while you're doing it And admiring your buddies merely morphs unnoticed in a split second into them being objects on the road you need to keep an eye out for Even while I was doing my lessons, I found out a 'bad day' immediately showed itself in the way I was riding There is no room to be preoccupied or distracted In mornings, when I turn the ignition and the bike wakes up, 'I' wake up, fatigue only returns when I switch it off again And if I keep the same level of fatigue after starting, I call my boss that I'll be late, since I'm busy chugging down a bucket of coffee before I venture out on 2 wheels And that's no joke, although rare, I actually called my boss with this exact reason a few times There is a level of focus necessary to ride, which is higher than you can get away with on 4 wheels ....And I love it Which makes the implementation of all these "Rider Aids" sad, a motorcycle should be ridden first and foremost for the challenge it brings Comfort, safety, practicality, ease of use, if you want that, are found, and should be taken from other forms of transportation
  9. Any nice sites for new figure info? The one I've been visiting for many years has become less engaging as time went by
  10. One has to wonder how hard it has to be, to push down a pedal and stir in that box of cogwheels every once in a while (apart from other life-challenging actions, like parking, checking mirrors and having to pay attention to the road instead of the phone/infotainment center) If people like to be driven so badly, why not sell the car and take the bus?
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