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  1. sumyumgoy! I'm glad it made it to you safely! We were all noobs once but you're on a path to being a solid member of MacrossWorld. I can vouch that this guy stays in contact with you throughout the entire transaction and pays quickly.
  2. info can be found here: http://www.collectiondx.com/toy_review/2008/origin_valkyrie_vf1s_valkyrie_roy_focker_special
  3. Thank you sir! Smooth transaction. +1 for Spiff!
  4. Damn I'm trying to slim down my macross collection, not buy more! I need this...
  5. Right back at you Saburo. One of the smoothest and fastest deals I've made on MW!
  6. I'm waiting for kicker to come in here and show us his boxes! I can't even imagine what that would even look like...
  7. Sorry I may have missed this but can someone tell me which parts are diecast on this? It seems like there is a lot more plastic compared to a renewal vf-25?
  8. +1 for arcoregon. fast payment and good comms.
  9. I have the Yamato second armor release that was sold seperate from the 1J and they do not have the numbers tampoed on the chest and shoulder. The previous owner I purchased these from had put the decals on. PS. Probably a long shot but does anyone wanna trade their Arcadia set for my Yamato? or maybe their grey visor head for a regular head lol?
  10. I'm glad the bird found a home where it can be proudly displayed and not trapped in its box inside my closet!
  11. +1 for derex3592 Good comms and fast payment as always. thanks buddy!
  12. Macross World's newest member tundakraka is off to a great start! Fast payment, good comms makes for a very smooth transaction. thanks buddy!
  13. I've been on hiatus from the mw scene for about a year but when did you move to south korea?
  14. 35 minutes later and NY pre-order is still open. I went ahead and pre-ordered with the pay later option. Hopefully I can get lucky and find one at retail price later.
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