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  1. Hi-Metal R

    Stupid Ebay 20% off coupon... I had been thinking about picking up the Focker VF-1S, since it's really the last one I need, but I just couldn't justify the $200+ price. $175 was a different story. I had to pull the trigger. I still haven't opened up my Max and Miria. Not really sure where I'm going to display these yet. Technically I still need the Hikaru 1S, but I'm not really hung up on the DYRL versions.
  2. Bandai DX VF-31

    I'd love to buy doubles of the 31A, but it's a little out of my price range to buy multiples at the moment. I do have two 1/48 CF Valks, but I think thats the only time I've bought multiples of a Macross item.
  3. Hi-Metal R

    I couldn't decide if I was in on this line or not. I opened up my Elintseeker last night and ended up ordering Max and Miriya this morning for $290 shipped.
  4. Bandai DX VF-31

    I'm sure there will be a bunch available once people actually get them in hand.
  5. Kitz Concept Robotech Toy Line

    I still haven't received any of my 4 orders I placed yet. Three of the orders have been sitting at customs in Chicago since the 16th, and my officer IJ hasn't hit the US yet.
  6. Arcadia 1/60 VF-0S Premium Finish

    I've been re watching Macross Zero and I decided to pull my Yamato VF 0S out of my display case. Boy has it turned yellow. I've never bought an Arcadia Valk before, but I think I might have to jump on this pre order. I really wish Arcadia would give me another shot at the VF 0D as well.
  7. Kitz Concept Robotech Toy Line

    When I asked they offered it with the armor set for $60 shipped.
  8. Hi-Metal R

    I haven't received my VE-1 from amiami yet. I should have it early next week. I just opened my first 2 Hi metal R valks the other day ( Messer VF-1, and Hikaru's VF-1J. They are fine, but I wasn't blown away by them. I've got a couple of weeks to decide if I'm going to buy more since I blew this months toy budget on Macross stuff already.
  9. Kitz Concept Robotech Toy Line

    Looks good. Hopefully mine shows up in about a week.
  10. Kitz Concept Robotech Toy Line

    Looks like my 3 orders shipped today. Did you get the Officer 1J off ebay, or did you find one for a better price somewhere?
  11. Kitz Concept Robotech Toy Line

    How long does it take Kitz Concept to ship out orders? I pretty much ordered 1 of everything over the past week. All three of my orders still say processing. I'd like to hurry up and get one of these figures in hand so I know if I'm going to need to track down the brown VF-1J and a VF-1S.
  12. Bandai DX VF-31

    I just opened up my VF-31C and I noticed the white armor that should be glued onto the right shoulder is missing. Kind of a bummer but I guess it's not the end of the world. If it bugs me too much I can always put it back into fighter mode.
  13. Bandai DX VF-31

    I get my VF-31C and Messer's super parts tomorrow. I'm excited but Im going to have to find a new spot to display my Delta Valks.
  14. Bandai DX VF-31

    I haven't picked up a Valkyrie for about 4 years, but I'm really thinking about picking this latest release up. I just started watching the show and the first episode was pretty painful.
  15. Macross Plus 1/60 VF-1J

    Looks really cool! I'd buy that as well