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  1. What are the exact names of the English version books? I might need to score it on amazon or find someone stateside to pick it up for me.
  2. You need to file a claim with USPS for a refund on your money. I hope you had it insured or it was covered with the shipping option. Then they will track it due to the claim. Also, if the BUYER did not flat out say never receiving it, he may have gotten it and is playing off the fact that you have no further tracking to hold payment. I mean seriously, how hard is it for someone to email or come onto the forum to screaming at you for not sending them their stuff? Sounds fishy all over to me...
  3. Selling for a friend. Framed and approximately 12" x 16" - need to double check this - could be 14" x 18" original hand drawn Lynn Minmay and autographed artwork from 1999. This is NOT an autographed print! It is a real hand drawn artwork from Hal - Haruhiko Mikimoto - for a local person who had an inside track to all things anime back in the late 90s. Ink appears to be acrylic due to age and is pristine as it was stored in darkness. I was given an opportunity to hold and look at this upfront but not allowed to remove the art from the glass frame for further inspection to prevent any damag
  4. It is still available. PM me to discuss further.
  5. Mike, Put me on the list. Can't have enough Monsters!
  6. I have the recast 1/48 YF-21 kit... in fact... it is sitting in box along with the 1/48 YF-19... If you want it, PM. I have no more time to model.
  7. Posting for a friend. See the pictures for details. Was MISB but had to open the brown shipper to check it is real. The tape around the foam has not been removed for inspection so still factory sealed. 650 USD - The last one I saw locally sold for 850 USD +. Price is firm. You are welcomed to offer more. Since this is for a friend locally in Hong Kong, and not my personal item, there are requirements to facilitate this deal: 1) I can inspect the item on your behalf. Discretion up to the seller to remove tape. Most likely not going to happen. 2) I can proxy between you and the seller since
  8. Incredible collection and thanks for the info. I have a "healthy" 1/6 collection and can't stand all the Amazonian females I have in the group so was looking at replacing or modding the bodies. I do have a few obitsus for testing...
  9. Curious which obitsu body you use to replace your Anime dolls and if you have any pictures of your other figures?
  10. If you're worried about the rubber sleeve tearing further, try to bend the ball joints all the way open to expose it as much as possible. You are trying to get to the point where the sleeve does not cover the joint. Then dab a small bit of polish. When it dries, turn it the other way around 180 or as far as possible, and dab a small bit on the OTHER side of the joint where the joint is exposed and the sleeve has pulled away from it. This way, you are putting friction back on the naked joints where the sleeve doesn't touch. This is a hit or miss depending on how the rubber sleeve bunches up.
  11. I believe the version 2.0 Zeros still have slightly loose joints. Just don't force it and use the clear nail polish on the ball joints trick to help tighten them up. Nothing you can do about it without replacing or remaking the joints. I don't pose my zero's much for this reason and leave them in static poses most of the time. I definately pose my 1/48 VF-1's more than the 1/60s or 1/100 VB-6! RE: VE-1 and VF-1Ds. I would not worry too much about the pricing and availability if you can wait it out. Unless Yamato specifically says those were limited editions, there is always a good chance f
  12. ... per forum rules. Thanks for the update Exo.
  13. That is not bad actually. The SV-51 can be had for between 100-120 USD in Hong Kong plus ~ 25-30 USD shipping to the states, so that is about correct. Previiously the SV-51 was ~ 150 USD before shipping.
  14. I will post a picture when I get home later today. It is ~ 1/3 to less than 1/2 page of A4 (8.5"x11") but will know when I get home. All single sided on 1 sheet. Picture of my sets attached. Note there are no decals for the Fast Packs. These are ORIGINALS from Yamato Japan and not fan made reproductions
  15. How many sets were you looking for? A friend of mine has 8 sets in hand that he is selling at 150 HKD a set before shipping. PM me if you're interested.
  16. If FM doesn't I still have a bunch of 1/48 sets here but without boxes, otherwise 100% new and mint, with blister, decal, manuals and micro missiles. Shipping should be fairly good since I can repack it into a much smaller box.
  17. Neova

    Supah Happy Party Set!

    Woah! First time I've seen these! Bravo! Any chance for a 1/48 set? I'll take em all!
  18. If you want to test panel line, grab a soft lead mechanical pencil - 0.3mm and try it. If you don't like it, you can erase it.
  19. Is it me or is Rothamon and Serpentor from GI Joe really the same and one character from this intro?
  20. If you want to know if the VF-0S or VF-0A were re-issues or not, get the super pack combos. Those were supposed to be fixed from the regular editions, except for the stand alone VF-0A which is a different color scheme. I would get the zeros asap. I love em for over all design and size. They look like modernized versions of VF-1 and to me looks better than a non super or strike VF-1.
  21. I think that is one of the most perfect pose of a VF-1S battroid I've seen! Beautiful! So bad ass in fact I'm going to break out my 1/48 VF-1S Hikaru now and work on detailing it. If you add slightly feint panel lines, it will look even better! If someone has Hasegawa 1/72 and Yamato 1/60 + 1/48, I would love to see the same exact pose side by side!
  22. I just saw the Bandai 1/72 model of the VF-25F Tornado set and it cost MORE than the armored 25S or F! That must be totally badass then.
  23. The main issues with the first issue / production 1/48 VF-1S Roy and Hikaru, and VF-1A Hikaru were loose nose cone (fixed with a change in tooling so the nosecone has a slot to bite onto), some floppy joints tightened. slightly loose canopy??? and crooked skulls on the tail fins. The 2nd production starting with the first issue VF-1A Max fixed all that. So 2nd issue VF-1S Hikaru + Roy, and VF-1A Max and 2nd production Hikaru, and first issue VF-1J Hikaru (regular and super pack) were all fixed. 3rd production were fairly good too with little complaints. But as time went on, around the 4th p
  24. I know you wanted to choose between a,b or c but if this was in space, there is only one choice with the VF-1x platform: Stampede Valkyrie
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