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  1. Out of the topic question: It was my first transforming VF-0A and the heat shield popped off. I was able to put it back on, but has that happen to anyone of you guys? I felt terrible afterwards T_T.
  2. I was researching for a paper and I found this: http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2007/05/f35_helmet_display_system_to_s/. Am pretty sure most of the parts on there are useless; however, this is pretty attractive in my opinion.
  3. In my experience, if you are looking for pose/play. I recommend you to the High Grades. They are solid, durable and very articulable --the Gundam O series especially--. As for Master Grades and Perfect Grades, they are bigger but it doesn't mean they are always better. Since they cost a ton; I treat them like glass. Am really digging the Real Grades.
  4. I finally have time to sit down and do work and thank you! This is precisely the information that I need!
  5. Sweet! I'll be firing up questions once I decide and finish an outline.
  6. God damn you f-14 T_T

  7. Whoa...thank you for your time. Yeah after reading the responses from this community, things aren't look so well for my paper. I'll check the links you guys provided me and decide if I want to tackle this. Also I thought the f-111b was worst than the f-14. I've check this aircraft before and according to wiki, it crashed 3 out of 7 experiments and the other other 4 was scrapped. As for the paper it really does not have a question; more like you create your own question. However, it must include factors why engineers build this aircraft a certain way e.g why delta and not a high aspect ratio wing. Why use this engine, load factors and all the other good stuff
  8. Thanks I'll definitely see what they mean by cheap alternative. If not am going to do a research on the Bis-14 or Sikorsky "first hop"..................yeah right!
  9. Thanks for the info. I am currently enrolled in Florida Institute of Technology in pursuit of aviation management with flight. The paper is for Aeronautics 2. The problem is the professor who is instructing us is a enthusiastic aerospace engineer. We are suppose to be learning about weather, regulations, systems, part 141, commercial etc; yet he drops a bomb on us with his research paper when he was -god knows how- young. Am fine with that since am interested in these kinds of topics,but I am just a fledgling. Right now I don't have a foundation to stand on so I have no clue what am talking about; thus I need information. He had two 20 pages research paper (tiger sharks f-20s) for us and in it is a bunch on engineer's lingo I don't even understand except for huds, force divergence Mach number and a few other; the rest was a lost cause. Also it does not have to be on combat aircraft, but if am going to do a 20 page research paper, it better be something that prevents me from crying every-time I yawn. I mean writing about the piper warriors or Cessna sky hawks is a lot easier than f-14s; however, I do training in those every odd days and it gets old after awhile.
  10. It is for my Aeronautic 2 class. My professor wanted us to base our paper on a current aircraft and explain why did the aerospace engineers decide to build it this way, and how can we change it to make it better. I was thinking of spy planes like SR-71, however, after watching "Macross Zero", I've switched to the F-14. My rough draft will consist of these questions(and more once I get an outline): why did it retired, and what factors can I put in it to make it as useful as the f-18 or other navel aircraft and hopefully I can expand it into a 20 page paper. It's a daunting paper . I guess he's trying to change pilots into engineers, but am fine with that, the informations I've been reading are intriguing. What I need is information, tons and tons of information on f-14/f-18. F-14/f-18 fan boys are fine too Am just a noobie trying to get his P.P.L so any other suggestions for the f-14 e.g delta wing f-14, or thrust vectors for the f-14 etc would be great. I just need a reason why and then I'll go do some research and expand. Thank you!
  11. Ah sounds like a fun challenge. I guess I'll try a different approach and do more research once I get my greedy hands on information links. It seems that you are very knowledgeable in this area, may I have your email address and spam it with burning questions ?
  12. Good evening, This is totally off topic from the previous post, however, I need assistance and I believe this has to do something with aircraft --I hope--. I am trying to come with a research paper for a class at my university, and it's going to be based on the retired f-14. My proposal for the paper is to insist the f-14 be brought back in service by making it lighter (don't have a conclusion for that yet)cheaper, and more efficient. Since the f-14 turn rate is pretty slow compare to the f-18, I was thinking of making the f-14 famous variable-sweep wing into a variable forward-sweep wing; this should decrease the lateral stability and more blah blah blah to get to the 20th page. I have more ideas; however I don't want to bore you guys. But the point of this post was to ask if anyone is willing to share some sites that contain TONS and TONS of aircraft information from general aviation to military. Don't get me wrong, I did some leg work myself; however, the Florida Tech resource facility suck @#$%^&*, and the sites that I've looked at are pretty sketchy(fan-boys everywhere I guess). Wikipedia is a great source but I can't use only one source; I also question its accuracy. Thank you for your time!
  13. I have to agree, the Zero lines are dieing; grab one before it's too late. Like I said before, with some creativity, you can always fix it or have it in a permanent mode/pose.
  14. Yeah, I chose SAL as the delivery option. I was expecting it in a month but I guess not; it just means my two stands and my ghost will arrive in about a week too!
  15. It came it came; I came! Like "old man" said, it is the re-release version. Now...how to I take the landing gear out; am afraid I might break it since this thing feels like it's glass.
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