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  1. Arrived on 8/13. Only got 1/3 the way through it, not too many new things so far, but it's still pretty cool.
  2. Just wanted to point out the amazingly well done "engrish" on John's regult kit here. LOL click Pic stolen from Vermillion One's current for sale thread.
  3. Yeah, post up some of your builds. If John is reading, do you build any of your own kits? How about other kits? If so, post some pics!
  4. Well, at least we got 2 fantastic toys out of it. I'll keep my hopes up for more though.
  5. I think they're gigantic dual sports. They sort of have fairings like street bikes, but look a lot like dirt bikes from some angles. Though they are missing anything resembling a mud guard.
  6. Pat S

    Latest custom.

    Looks like this is the 6th maybe? First one... 2nd... 3rd... 4th... 5th... 6th...(This one.)
  7. Pat S

    Latest custom.

    How many VF-1Ds have you done now? LOL. Looks great.
  8. That's the first person that popped into my head when I read the topic question. I agree with you.
  9. "McG" answers fans questions... http://www.mtv.com/movies/news/articles/16...526/story.jhtml Christian Bale does the same... http://www.mtv.com/movies/news/articles/1612077/story.jhtml
  10. What else do people expect for a future war movie? I saw it today, and liked it a lot. If anything, it was more exciting than T3. Not as good as T1 or T2, but it had tons of action at least. They did what they could with the plot considering the other movies outlined what would happen. I was pleasantly surprised by the changes. Arnold's cameo looked pretty good for CG.
  11. If you really want to rip on something, Macross Plus had some major anime magic where Isamu was entering earth's atmosphere and the YF-19 started to tumble with no power (to keep from getting sighted by UN Spacy weapons). I think the ship would have burnt up immediately, and Isamu would have blacked out right then and there. They're sci-fi cartoons, give them some slack. I'm impressed that the radio control renditions fly at all.
  12. I'm pretty excited to see this now. The only thing that's bugging me is the creation of all the new Skynet hardware. I guess if these are old models and will be replaced it's fine. So far there's some weird multi legged man-sized HK, as well as the giant headless HK that abducts people. We haven't seen the tank tread HK's from the old movies, and for some reason the aerial HK's have been revamped, and now there's a smaller type. Oh, and the mototerminators, don't know what to think about them.
  13. The faction building the HK's and the power plant are one and the same. She killed them once she found out about them. They weren't working for her, which is what I thought when I first saw it.
  14. The only place I've seen it for order is Overdrive, but I haven't checked into it that much. TMPAnime does not have it for order.
  15. Yes, that's what I mean. An episode or two back, someone was tapping on the fishtank, and Weaver told them to stop disturbing the fish.
  16. That blob was one of the eels in the fishtank. Kinda cool, wonder if it was intelligent and could carry on without her.
  17. The obvious answer is the movie, Crystal Triangle. But seriously, if I had to pick one anime, hmmm... I guess I'd pick Nausicaa. My fav's are... Macross Plus Bubblegum Crisis original series Mospeada Area 88 original OAV
  18. Maybe I should listen to the podcast
  19. LOL at the title, that pretty much sums it up, except the physical setting is Russia, and the world has gone Sepia tone for some reason...
  20. That is outstanding! Looks great!
  21. Yep, used to cut school to go to Round Table Pizza to play SF2. I realized I've been playing this game for close to 20 years!
  22. Got my red beta from BBTS today. Putting my red alpha on it, the alpha's arm fell off. Niiiiiiice... Also got my Toynami/Beagle from Robotech.com. Love the interpretation, enough articulation to pull off some cool poses. Leaving it in bike mode for now. Sorta fragile, but to be expected with this many small pieces put together. I really like the stand too.
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