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  1. Come on up. In the winter, the snow/ice on the streets only lasts 2 or 3 weeks sometimes! I setup my last Yetistand today. Sorry for all the pics, I'm done now.
  2. Thanks. I think they're the most ingenious things. I setup my last stand.
  3. I'm in WA State, US. It was 38F last night. No heat on in that room.
  4. Every light is going to be different. Lots of LEDS put out noticeable heat, but it's deffinitely less than an old filament lightbulb. I just took some temp gun readings on my stuff. It's 66F degrees in the display room. The 1 watt led spotlights were 92F at their hottest spot (on the lights metal body). My PG Gundam shield 3 inches away was 68 degrees. The valks at the top were 66.
  5. It hadn't occurred to me that they can stand with only the backglass and the door, but now that I think about it, of course they will. I'll have to take them down and remove more glass. Maybe I'll get some help this time instead of doing it myself.
  6. Mine don't seem to be that bad, but I've heard others say they hate the dust on theirs. It's something to consider. Even things like having a central air vent near your display can add to the problem. I used to have mine near the entryway to the house. They got a little dusty there. Now they're in a room with the least amount of use in the house. I've never had displays side by side before, so I hope I don't have to dust in between them much. That... could be... a pain.
  7. ^ Well, to keep dust down, the more sealed the better. People pick the IKEA Detolf in part I believe because they are cheap. I haven't checked lately, but they used to be like $70. The problem is, you have to have an Ikea nearby otherwise they charge something ridiculous like $200 to ship.
  8. Good eye. So, the outer cabinets are Detolfs, and the inner cabinets are Detolf knockoffs I found on Amazon. Here's the ones I have, but I paid less than they are at now. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000IN9BRC/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 They are not exactly the same as detolfs. The inner bar frames are much thicker, and they use a different system to mount the shelf glass. I got them because IKEA is over 300 miles away from me now. The center is open on the center 2 cabinets. This is the standard mod where you don't install glass on the sides of two of the cabinets, then put them next to each other. Yes, all 4 of them have closing doors.
  9. Yeah, I can't find a nice/cheap 14x14" or 15x15" cube anywhere. I'd even take 16 or 17".
  10. All the ones on the bottom are PGs except the Zeong on the far left. The PG Zeta, hmm, I love it, but it's not very dynamic. It's not like a toy transformation at all. It's more like carefully moving a part at a time so you don't break anything. I actually picked up another Zeta just to keep in Waverider (and have extra parts), so there's your answer, don't get it for the transformation. All my PGs need some tune-ups. The joints are all lose. Fingers pop off all the time. Most of them can't hold their guns up high. Maybe I'll try taking them apart one by one and fixing them.
  11. Haha, yeah, just to prove the VF-1D is ok, and because it's probably my favorite. More pics. This is the bookcase the Detolfs are standing on. It is sturdy enough. I jumped up and down on it. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Better-Homes-and-Gardens-5-Cube-Organizer/462633549
  12. Hey. Long time thread lurker... I just upgraded my 2 Detolfs with a bunch of stuff. Wanted to share. I just got the Yetistands so still playing with them.
  13. Hey thread... I recently received some Yetistands. They look great, and add some fun to collecting. I can't stop rearranging them. More... https://imgur.com/a/iWQwD
  14. I just watched the Daicon 3 and 4 shorts. I teared up a little around 4:22 (Itano circus).
  15. Looking amazing! About the fast pack??? Is it just the booster or also other parts? This thing has a big bad bomber look to it. It's so cool that you can model it and then check to see if things will interfere or not, then adjust! It's hard to say if the nose is spot on or not. I think it's very close.
  16. 1/48 for life! I've never been attracted to the 1/60 VF-1 toys for some reason. The 1/48s are the ultimate to me. My favorite, Kurt painted Captain VF-1D kit...
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  18. Yeah, I just wanted to say that I checked out some of your threads just now, and you're very talented. Take a break if you need to, or move onto something else for a while. Maybe you'll come back.
  19. Spiderman seemed like it got a quick reboot. This thread should be called, "Hey, what movies are coming out?", because Hollywood is mostly remakes now, with a sprinkling of sequels and franchises.
  20. Kinokuniya book store in the International District has lots of anime and manga merch. Not a lot of mech stuff though except some hobby books. It's near Uwajimiya which is a large grocery store with japanese foods. It's a pretty cool area, definitely check that out.
  21. Thanks for the replies, that's what I'll do, take the glass out, lay it together on a flat surface (sandwiched if I can).
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