At the conclusion of the FIREBOMBER 2014 BASARA EXPLOSION concert this evening, the working title of the latest Macross TV series was announced – MACROSS△.

The reading of the △ has yet to be officially clarified – the Japanese fans we spoke to at the event were speculating it could be Delta or possibly Triangle (or Triangler?).

No further details are known about the series at this early stage other than its set in the year 2067 – 8 years after Macross Frontier and 7 years after Macross 30.

Applications will be accepted from December 1st for auditions for the newest Macross singer. A similar contest was held for Macross Frontier (Megumi Nakajima) and Macross 30 (Haruka Chisuga).



Yoshiyuki Takani Exhibit

A small gallery exhibition of the works of Yoshiyuki Takani is being held at the Yayoi Museum in Tokyo.

Yoshiyuki Takani was a mechanical and plastic model box artist. Many of his illustrations appeared on early Macross model kits.

The exhibit covers all of Takani’s works, of which Macross only makes up a small fraction.

The exhibit will run from October 3 to December 25. Entrance is 900 yen (adults).

Talkshows and signings are scheduled to be held on November 9 and December 6. Further details can be found on the museums website (Japanese only).


Up to the Minute Macross World

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Macross Delt (wing)
Arcadia 1/60 Macross Zero VF-0D

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Last nights Fire bomber 2014 gig looked a little bit like this. \(^o^)/
Full report coming soon (^_^)
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Bandai Konig Monster pre-orders on 24th October
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And the new series is called… Macross△!
At the conclusion of the FIREBOMBER 2014 BASARA EXPLOSION concert this evening, the working title..

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Macross F x Dollfie Dream Collaboration Announced


Volks Inc. has announced a new collaboration between Macross Frontier and Dollfie Dream doll designers – 60cm dolls of Sheryl Nome and Ranka Lee.

Details are scarce at this stage. If the promotional image is anything to go by, the dolls will be based on the Wings of Farewell costume variants.

Preorders are scheduled to open in late November.


SpeakerPODcast Ep.17 – All That WF


Back in August, on a quiet evening, Ken ‘Valkyrie’ Brennan dropped by the Ishbar to talk about WonderFest, the history of MacrossWorld, and all things garage-kit related. Richard and Jason check in from the US to discuss Macross THE FIRST, and Adrian wakes up long enough to discuss the joys of software copyright infringement.

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Due to some major technical difficulties, this episode of SpeakerPODcast very nearly became our first unreleased episode. As it is there is still a lot of background noise (still trying to work out where it was coming from!), but hopefully we managed to clean the audio up enough to make it listenable.

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Variable Fighter Master File Campaign

A select number of bookstores throughout Japan are holding a ‘Variable Master Fighter Fair’ promotion. Anyone who purchases any of the Master Files books at participating stores will receive a bonus alternate cover – in Zentran!


A list of participating stores (in Japanese) can be found HERE.


Macross World Con 2014 – Pics & Movies

Macross World Convention 2014 was a smashing success! Below is a collection of movies and photos from the event. (Photos courtesy of Dennis Mah, Henry Liao, Kyle Dunn. Movies courtesy of A.I.C Production)

Photo Gallery follows the JUMP
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FireBomber Concert and Oshare Macross 7 Goods Announced

With a new Oshare Macross 7 store and a FireBomber concert both less than a month away, it was only a matter of time until details about new merchandise dropped, and dropped they have! Organisers of both events warn that this is only the first wave of merchandise with more set to come.


There will be some awesome Tshirts and hoodies up for grabs at the concert, not to mention official Basara glasses.

Tshirts: 3500yen

Tshirts: 3500yen

Sports Towel: 1500yen

Sports Towel: 1500yen

Hoodies: 6500yen

Hoodies: 6500yen

Glow stick: 2000yen

Glow stick: 2000yen

Basara sunglasses: 6000yen

Basara sunglasses: 6000yen

Chie Kajiura new mini album 'Suimin Heaven': 2000yen

Chie Kajiura new mini album ‘Suimin Heaven’: 2000yen

…as well as assorted Yoshiki Fukuyama and Chie Kajiura merchandise.

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Macross World Convention 2014

The Macross World Convention celebrates all things Macross and its influence on the fans and patrons of the franchise. This year, the Macross World Convention Committee has booked the convention for Saturday, October 4th, 2014 and is pleased to return to the Torrance Cultural Arts Center – Ken Miller Auditorium in Torrance, CA.

Ishtar pin up four with text

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Oshare Macross 7 Announced


The latest in the ‘Oshare’ series of stores/events will celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Macross 7 and will be held at Shinjuku Marui Annex from October 17 to November 5th.

No word yet on what sort of art and merchandise will be available but the announcement of the event itself features all new Haruhiko Mikimoro Macross 7 art.


OST & Blu-ray Reissues.


Flying Dog and Bandai Visual have just announced some Macross Bluray and soundtrack reissues. So, if there’s a hole in your collection this may be your chance to stock up on more Macross! (Especially for the Macross Plus boxset which had previously sold out at many online retailers).


Blu-ray Reissues:
*Macross Plus Complete Blu-ray Box (w/some English subs/dub)
*Macross 7 Complete Blu-ray Box FIRE (1)
*Macross 7 Complete Blu-ray Box FIRE (2)

Soundtrack Reissues (2500yen each + tax):
*Macross 2 OST 1
*Macross 2 OST 2
*Macross Zero OST 1
*Macross Zero OST 2

Flying Dog also added the following to their ‘HD Music’ digital distribution service (96kHz/24bit WAV/FLAC)
*Macross F OST 1
*ULTRA FIRE! – Fire Bomber