The GTC Legacy Project Part 5 – 30% Unboxed!

Courtesy of Wise Guys Hobbies, LLC

February 12th 2023

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Part 5 – 30% Unboxed
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Here we have another update on the seemingly never ending task of unboxing Ron’s Incredible GTC Inventory. Anthony estimates he is now about 30% unpacked, but the shelves are 3/4 full! Additional shelving is on order. I’m not exactly sure how this unboxing to shelving ration is going to end, but one helpful solution we can do is to spread the word to other sites to check out all the crazy vintage NOS inventory, so those purchases can open up shelf space for new entries!

If there was one common word about future sales, it is ‘Bulk!’. Anthony will make you great deals if you buy BULK!


Click here for the The Wise Guys eBay store

Here is the video update!

Another tour and random unboxing!

Look at all these 1/144 Imai 4-Type kits!

The Imai International shipping label. Literally just says ‘TCI Los Angeles’ How big were TCI back in the day!?
80 Assorted Mospeada and Orguss kits (2 layers!), all NOS SEALED never touched in 40 years. A truly incredible find!

For all the Vintage Box Art fans, there is a new Macross themesd Box Art Book coming out Feb 23rd.
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Example: That VF-1A 4 Type above on the Shelf

In the Package Art book they give it an full page treatment!

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