The GTC Legacy Project Part 6.2 – MW visits NY!

Courtesy of Wise Guys Hobbies, LLC

July 9th 2023

Part 1 – The GTC Legacy Project
Part 2 – Warehouse Introduction
Part 3 – The Holiday Special

Part 4 – Warehouse Update
Part 5 – 30% Unboxed
Part 6 – MW Visits Wise Guys Part 1
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Part 6 – MW Visits Wise Guys Part 4

Continuing down our Aisles tour!

Imai 1/200 Monster Blue-Box Variation, and both Imai 4 Type sets (1/170 scale)
The Blue Box variant has a mistake on the Box, calling it the MWR-00-MK II, while the other correct White Box variant has HWR-00-MK II. (Heavy Weight Robot) Just an interesting piece of Macross modeling trivia!
More of the A-Types
Small Variety of NOS Battletech figures!

Found a picture which kits come in each set here (from a TCI brochure)
So above I see set 1,5,7,8
The Macross kits are re-packaged Macross Nichimo 1/200 series
Battletech kits link

Arii 1/100 VF-1D Metalize Series (backside from the 6.1 update)
The rest of the Arii Diorama kits
Ditto on the Mikimotos
A slew of Arii 1/100 Super VF-1S Focker Special Gerwalks
Front side shot of the Arii 1/8000 SDF-1s
And sorry…I just can’t get over how many SDF-1 kits there are…like seriously wow.
Close up of the TCI sticker seen on many of the kits.
A few of the huge Arii 1/72 Glaugs. We’ll get some more Glaug auction in the next update when I visit the auxiliary warehouse
Arii 1/100 VF-1S Focker Special fighter. When I looked at this picture I thought ‘Is there a box color variant I wasn’t aware of!?’, then confirmed no…Arii just chose to have each end slightly different color to match the top. How often could you ever even notice something as odd as this?
The dark background side (upper right) is on the left side of the box, and the orange background(lower right) is on the right side of the box
Need a Super Fighter? Overflow on the ground level. Overflow? From what?
The upper level of course! Make Anthony an offer to get 50 of these…LOL There will be still be plenty remaining. And I miscounted from the previous post…I said 120…there are 236 on the inventory list..doh!
ok..enough Super Fighters…lets get back into some more alternate Nichimo figures! These are the Testors R.O.B.O.T. line…another case where they repacked the Nichimo 1/200s into another box. At least in this lineup (1985) they kept the original names and the Nichimo HBUE-## series.
I’ve tried to track how many of the Nichimo kits actually made it into the Testors ROBOT line-up…so far it looks like half. I’m not sure the reason for why these were chosen. If you find any others please let me know in the forums, would love to see what else is out there!
I got up on a ladder I found in the corner to get this picture of the top shelve full of the Testor ROBOT kits. These tend to be like the Revell kits…always crushed and bad shape. Not these! NOS Minty, and in shipping cases.
Picture of the Imai Monster shipping case. 1/100 scale!? We wish! 40 count per case, wow.
The other side with the generic Macross art
A warning inside the box to not get it wet!
Turning the corner on another aisle, we get some Imai 1/72 Battroids and some of the last kits Imai made, their Conversion series (Conversion meaning they came with extra decals and heads so you could buy 1 kit and make an S/J/A Max or Milia version)
On the left (blue box) on the side is the Imai 1/72 Gerwalk…no on the Right is is the Imai 1/72 Gerwalk, no wait…that is the 1/72 Battroid, no wait….whut?
ok…on the LEFT in gray is the 1/72 Battroid, and on the Right in blue is the 1/72 Gerwalk
Until today, I never caught the misprint on the sides of the boxes. On one side they say its a Battroid and on the other side it says its a Gerwalk. Cool! I love finding these weird inconsistencies in the packaging.
Some Mosepada and some box color variants, the Blue 1/72 Battroid (instead of white), and the Blue 1/72 Gerwalk (instead of Yellow)
Another angle of the Mospead Ride Armor kits
How about a few Imai 1/144 VF-1A 4-Type kits?
The VF-1S and VF-1J 4-Types on the left, and some Gerwalks on the right (notice the Red VF-1A vs Yellow VF-1A box variations)
Some sealed Imai Factory kits, and 1/72 Spartans galore
Imai 1/40 Variable Orguss II kits. 2 levels deep!!
A few 1/72 Regults. These were the go-to Regult kit until Hasegawa came along these last couple years. They held the throne for almost 40 years, not bad! The box are is pure Takani.
Some Super Valks, and some 1/5000 SDF-1 kits that are a bit rough (read DISCOUNT!)
Notice the back stack NOS Minty.
3 levels deep of Phalanx and Nousgadeul-Gers
The 1/20 Macross GU-11 Gunpod (2 levels deep) and the 1/16 Orguss Missile-Gun. I could not believe my eyes seeing so many of these rare kits in one place.
Some more Monsters! Didn’t we see that warning from Imai about not getting the kits WET? Well the attic at Rons house did get a few boxes of kits. DISCOUNT for the builders!
The Zentradi are coming for you! Pick up a few Quel-Quallies! 3 levels deep.
The original Imai 1/48 Variable Legioss kits. Before this pic, I’m pretty sure they’ve not been seen in mass like this since 1983 in a Hobby Store. Get the kit that was the basis for the Toynami Legioss! I love these kits, they are incredible complex. Aoshima owns the molds now and they release them every few years, and Suzuki’s box art still makes an appearance.
40 years and still in production…that says a lot about Imai’s design!
Imai 1/72 Legioss Armo-Solider(Battroid) and Imai 1/800 SDF-1 Storm Attacker
Some additional Southern Cross kits…just a few!
Sorry-just have to show another angle of those Legioss kits…2 levels deep. Just wow.
Imai’s 1/100 Strike Battroid (Rare) and some 1/72 Defenders
Imai 1/100 Tomahawks, again with Takani art!
Blue variant (in stock at Wise Guys) and the White box variant shown from my collection.

Ok, another 2 Aisles down, 1 to go, then the aux wareshoue, then I’ll circle back on more of the NON-MACROSS kits…there are a ton, at least 2 full pages worth.

PLEASE feel free to reach out to Anthony with if you want any larger purchases, the Wise Guys will make you a deal! Ron was sitting on so much leftover inventory it still make my head spin.

Please visit the Wise Guys Hobbies Ebay store below.

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Will do another update soon!
Shawn @ MacrossWorld