The GTC Legacy Project Part 4 – Warehouse Update

Courtesy of Wise Guys Hobbies, LLC

January 7th 2023

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Part 4 – Warehouse Update
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Happy New everyone! Hope everyone had pleasant Holidays! I feel December always goes way to fast, I wish there was a way to slow it down. But now that we are beginning the new year, another update is in order, and Anthony has delivered.

Uncasing/Unboxing the seemingly never-ending inventory is still progressing. The first truck (of 3) was unpacked and loaded into the warehouse during the last update, and the boxes from that haul have finally been processed (they were ceiling level). Anthony’s rough estimate is that 20% of the inventory has been shelved.
That means 80% is still in boxes in the other warehouses!

Those boxes will now being their trek over to the main warehouse for the continued unboxing.

Please remember, if you are looking to add kits for your personal collection please visit their eBay store at the link below.

Click here for the The Wise Guys eBay store

For anyone interested in bulk orders, please contact Anthony at the email here. Very good discounts are available for those buyers!

Here is our after New Years update! Take it away Anthony.
As always my frame by frame analysis is after.

Lets break down some elements of the video for fun!

Arii 1/100 VF-1S Super Valkyrie. Box art by T. Suzuki is awesome
The shipping Case

Arii 1/100 Small Missile Regult
Small Missile Shipping Case

Arii 1/100 Large Missile Regult

Large Missile Pod Shipping Case

Arii 1/100 Scout Regult. Look at all of these!

Create your 1/100 Arii Defender Army! Think about the Macross Dioramas you could do with this many kits.

2 out of the 4 Macross Factory series (sure the other 2 are still in boxes)

Arii 1/100 VF-1D Metalize Series

The 1/100 Arii Fighter is a really nice mold-they nailed this one. Many people overlook the Arii 1/100 line up because the Gerwalk and Battroids have oversized hands and shortened torsos, but the Fighters are another story-these are solid designs!
This is what the Arii 1/100 fighters look like. As you can see-solid lines! Tell me that doesn’t look good!

Here is what the Shipping Case looks like for the Metalize VF-1D for the hardcore fans!

The awesome Arii 1/100 Dioramas. I know I’ve show these before, but it is a pretty cool concept!
Shipping Case for the Gerwalk Diorama

There are no words….they should have sent a Poet.

See the VF-1D comments above…this is a great looking kit

Hold on…wasn’t I just here before? Nope…its another CASE! #70

See that #70 Case at the top? That is the case Ron had of the Arii 1/100 VF-1S Super Valkyries. How insane is this historical find.

See the little Red kits on the very top shelf?
Testors wasn’t going to just sit around and see Revell and MPC get in on all the robot action. They worked out a deal with Nichimo and sold the Macross 1/200 series.
Corporate asked us to find the differences between the 2 pictures

This one will sneak by you if you aren’t paying attention. I had to zoom in to see. Guesses? The Imai Yellow box is the standard 1/72 VF-1S Battroid…come on that is too easy. What is to the right?
If you guessed Imai 1/72 Battroid and Gerwalk Conversion kits, give yourself a firm pat on the back! You earned your Macross wings today!
another side
another side
If you enjoy Takani’s artwork as much as I do, these are the kits to get. Plus you get a Summer ’84 Sticker on the front to celebrate the upcoming DYRL movie. Unfortunately Imai hit rough times at this time, so these are some of their last Macross series kits. I’ll be watching for these to come for sale.

The Orguss kit fans should be enjoying this aisle (its my favorite to traverse)
Those are the Variable 1/40 Orguss II kits from Imai-fully transformable!

Jump to minute 13 in ths video to see an unboxing video I found

The awesome Imai 1/72 Orguss line-all Takani art!

Bottom row…Imai 1/40 Orguss Olson Special Variable kits…and a super large stack of the Imai 1/72 Transformable VF-1Js! Wow!
This VF-1J fighter pic is incredible

Ditto for the Mospeada fans! Imai 1/48 Legioss Iota kits..NOS!
Fully transformable kits, incredibly complex. I could never afford or find the toys at the shops back in the day, but the modeling shops carried these. They were expensive back then but totally worth it. TCI was a godsend for the kit builders.

That’s about all for the commentary on this round, there are still many special kits if you look closely. Remember this is just 20% of the stash, there is so much left to uncover. I’m sure we are all excited following this crazy project, and will see you on the next update! Thanks again to Anthony and team and Wise Guys Hobbies!

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