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Does anyone have the DYRL LD Toho rip?

wm cheng

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Hi all,

I know of the distain for dubbed versions of Macross - however, I still like this particular version :D - its complete (unedited) and it was a good quality transfer. The dubbed voices were only "semi" irritating - but it allows me to fully enjoy the picture, instead of trying to read whats going on. I rented this disc many years ago and video taped it. Does anyone have this particular LD anymore? How much does it fetch - if I could buy one?

What I would love is a rip of this LD to DVD - does anyone have a digital file of this version?

Any info on this particular disc would help.




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Since I have both the R2 DVD and the UK tape called "Clash Of The Bionoids" (although it is the complete unedited English version of the film), I was recently able to burn a DVD+RW using the R2 DVD picture and the sound from the tape. I think it worked out pretty well, if I do say so myself!

Using the R2 picture as a source does mean however, that my homemade version differs from the original English-language print in a couple of ways:

1. The English version has a different credit at the opening & English translated credits at the end (although since all versions of the film now end with the concert footage from Flashback 2012, this is a moot point)

2. All the Zentradi-speaking scenes originally had subtitles on the Japanese release. Since everyone spoke in English on the English-language release, these subtitles were actually removed from the prints.

My original plan was to try and include both English and Japanese soundtracks, along with subtitles, but I gave up on that pretty quickly!

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Actually, I do have that LD, and plan to one day get around to ripping the audio for an ultimate DYRL DVD set... but that being said, it's not at the front of my project list, nor is it anything I'll tackle before we see if Bandai is going to give us a better R2 version than the craptastic one I have now. :ph34r:

BTW I got mine off Yahoo auctions about a year ago for 1,500 yen (including shipping)

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Wow, is there anyway I can get a copy of that from you Doryu2025? I'd gladly pay.

Omigod LePoseur... what a deal!! Was that the Japanese Yahoo auctions or the north american one? Any other deals like that around? or willing to part with yours :p

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I've got the same one as A1.... It's definately different. The voices aren't so bad.. I think they fit the characters pretty well for the most part... it's the dialogue they've been given to speak that's so wretched.

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I have that LD and it's mono :-( but it was one of the first non TV dubs I saw so I forgave the voice acting and was just happy it was dubbed. I did copy it to DVD, the quality is OK, but my DVD player wont read mp3 (Pioneer DVL-909) so I had to save the audio as PCM and the expense of the mpeg bit rate.

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