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Takara vs. TRU reissue G1 Prime


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The other difference is that the USA version has a black gun, the japan version has a grey gun....

HuH, ok, you guys are confusing things. For G1 Reissue Prime the only difference is the smoke stacks and the lack of spring loaded trailer.

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Seriously, if you want a G1 Prime reissue, you want the New Years Convoy.


Differences are that the colours are based on the tv show (blue eyes instead of gold eyes, and blue tinted windows), non-castrated smoke stacks, plus it comes with an Action Master Convoy figure, and it comes with the Matrix of Leadership.

Of course, if you want something closer to the original toy as it was originally released, get Takara's version, for the reasons other people have come up with.

However, if you really don't care, and just want a G1 Prime for nostalgia's sake, then a Hasbro Prime is not bad at all. The missles are longer, and the smokestacks are shorter, but that's really about it. Saves you a lot of money over getting an import, especially the New Year Convoys that are pretty rare by now.

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