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  1. 100x this. i love the set but no way in hell am i going to sit back and say it was good enough because they "tried" or sit on my hands because they "didn't have to include a dub or subs" then get looked at as if i'm unappreciative....the manga dub was the version I watched for years so ep 4 is ruined for me period. there will be no getting used to that, it will always be off. the subs are bad and since I've only had to watch the movie version with subs before and i enjoy the OVA, i have rightful complaints about this set that can't be shoved in the "you can't please everyone" pile
  2. this! I've always loved the M+ dub. i knew going into this purchase that OVA 4 had some different voice actors. But i never expected the delivery to be so half-@@sed. All my favorite lines from OVA4 changed or delivered horribly. so from now on with the blu-ray set i'm sticking to Japanese audio with subs. if i want the dub i have my DVD's or nextflix
  3. Mine did the same less that 2 years having it. one of the few v.1s that yellowed badly just like the VF-1A hikaru.
  4. have not been here in forever. ordered a shirt will try and make the Con
  5. nothing special here. but it's mine and i love it.
  6. mine has too i just double checked. I wonder what the hold up is.
  7. Mine is in Frisco in customs so hopefully I'll have in in a few days.
  8. If the paint apps are decent and no one bought them i'll take both.
  9. The 3 plus valks are only ones i have completed.
  10. OK, i finally saw this today and really enjoyed it and also took a few screen caps. here are a few of them.
  11. Alex can i get a XXL? i'll paypal you the funds for this and the other stuff friday.
  12. didn't get to stay long on Saturday or get to go back Sunday. still had a great time.
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