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skylark Macross Do You Remember Love merchandise


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Very nice stuff....I have a few of the Skylark DYRL promo items, but pretty much gave up on collecting them as acquiring a complete set has become practically a "mission impossible" after 30+ years of searching....

What else have you managed to add to your Skylark collection?

I think I have a couple of the sticker sheets....can't recall but I think there are four sets of them....




Some interesting items can be seen on the last page of the DYRL program booklet....



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My hikaru puzzle was all in pieces in the bag, so opened the staples and put it back together today.
Even though these things are small, doing Macross art is actually pretty darn hard (I also had to re-assemble my sdf-1, it came loose in the bag)

Also picked up the last of the 3 puzzles, so I got that going for me, yay.

Just missing one of the shitajikis (this same pic of the valk in front of the sdf).
I think I have an extra loose hikaru/misa if anyone has a dup of the sdf-1 version they want to trade to complete their own collection.




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On 8/15/2020 at 7:43 AM, jvmacross said:

I wonder if anyone actually has a complete Skylark Macross set?

I wouldn't count the promo poster or POP piece as "part" of the set you normally could have collected...more like "extra credit"!



If I ever see that poster for sale. There is no way. I will bid on it or buy it. Because it has your name  on it or Shawn's on it.

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SUPER DIBS if it ever comes up  :)

I need that poster, the pop-up, and the bags...so basically the rest of the collection whic is next to impossible to get,

At least until Gex-Xers start fading out and the kids start going into their parents attics and selling 'weird colored lunch bags' when clearing out the house for goodwill donations...but by that time I won't be around to bid on them, so not going to do me much good.

Maybe I put some money in a trust fund for my kids when I'm gone that is only released when they find the Skylark lunch bags...but just either color variant, I'm not crazy you know.
That way they too are then eternally Cursed to hunt Yahoo Japan looking for Macross scraps...

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