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Broken VF-19 Advance


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36 minutes ago, Lancestride01 said:

Yes that’s right. The intake holds the whole leg 

This is true for just about 99% of all macross aircraft, but that particular hip always did scare me.

I don't know why it's so hard for people to keep designing simple workable hip joints..

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The problem with Bandai valks is basically figuring out how to disassemble the darn things.

You're not going to get replacement parts from Bandai, unless you live in Japan, and it'll take time for someone to make and test-fit a replacement with 3D-printing, if it's even possible. 

First thing I'd do is clean up the junk left from the first repair attempt, because you're not going to be able to repair in that shape, even if you did have factory replacements.


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Actually, now that I think about it, now might be a good time to see if you can't find a way to request parts from Bandai, via someone from Japan.  I know we have members there, and with the YF-19 just being released, it's probably the most likely time for them to have spare parts in their inventory.

Bandai does not have a good history with those kinds of requests though, and they tend to refuse replacing anything but the entire figure.

Certain 3D printed materials might be strong enough to replace that, but printing something with that precision and detail might not be easily done.

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Looking at the design, this is something that probably should have more diecast running down the leg. A larger interface area would reduce stress on the front of the intake from the (relatively small) metal insert twisting.

If you do try and 3D print a replacement, I'd try for a left-right shell rather than top/bottom, it ought to hold up better to the forces involved in transformation and posing the legs. Definitely glue it together for some extra strength.

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