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3D printed GU-11 pod


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So a couple months ago I decided I wanted to get int 3D Printing. After tinkering a bit I wanted to do something cool. So I figured Gunpod.

Been messing with Autodesk and here's what I have so far


And after 12 hours of printing.


The plan is to have it motorized with light and sound..... And maybe a smoke generator.

I also need to thicken up the outside diameter

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You can build a rotary airsoft cannon fairly easily nowadays. There are alot of tutorials on it online. You can also buy a Mossberg Tactical Shotgun from Tokyo Marui that has 3 barrels hidden inside to fire 3 BBs at a time. That could be retrofitted into this project easily enough.

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Progress so far. Unfortunately not a lot got done in the past 2 weeks, Added more pieces to the scrap bin than I did to the actual gun. A lot of lessons learned. Like when doing something for the first time with a new controller, DONT DO IT during a 16+ hr print. Had to print out the black piece twice because my controller does not lock the print head when its pause like my computer software did, and i shifted the print head when I went to change the filament (FML). Still fraked it up on the second attempt at it, but it was salvageable this time. I still need design the pistol grip assembly and make it so its removable.

Redesigned Cad files


Progess so far


for some scale


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Casting small stuff I have no problem doing, but that would be a lot of silicone and resin, even if i made it a hollow cast, and that would end up being expensive Counting just the good parts so far, it's only got a little better than a 2lb spool used so far, and that's only about $25. And probably an equal amount if not more of plastic in failed prints and test pieces.

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More stuff printed out. Had a few storms lately, and with prints between 10 and 15 hrs, lost a few pieces to power outages.

Started gluing up the grip. (JB-weld is your best friend.) The holes drilled all along the seam edge is because i want to infill the piece with casting resin for added strength. so i needed to make sure it could flow everywhere.


Also started work on the butt-stock and rotor assembly.


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