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1/100 Missile Phalanx


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Old school kit - my third in the 1/100 line, and unlike the other two, I started laying down paint while they were still on the sprues.

I'm quite surprised by how well this one came out - I guess the learning curve on more advanced modelling techniques is starting to pay off. The only drawbacks to this kit are the limited range of movement on the legs, and that you have to choose if the missile hatches are open or closed when you start gluing things.

I started painting this in the middle of the summer heat and humidity, and as expected, the paint didn't go down smooth. However, it ended up with a neat effect that emulated the look of those old WWII tanks (I'd like to say that that was my intention all along). The pictures don't capture the neat texture that I ended up with.

The missiles are the part that I'm most satisfied - as that was when the acrylic thinner/black watercolour mixture that I'm using to get panel lines started behaving for me, and I was able to hide the accidental drops of red paint on the black interior. :D




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Thanks for the kind words!

Compared to the other old school kits (and some new school ones!) that I'm working on, this one was relatively straightforward.

That said, anyone working on these old school kits: paint first! Cut, trim, glue, file, etc. later!

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