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What display cases do you use?

I'm currently ordering from Hobby Link Japan, anybody get cases from them?

Where do you get your cases from?

What size is good for a single 1/72 Valk in any transformation state?

IMO, there isn't really a display case that's good for both all 3 modes. You have to pick one mode.

I've used these in the past for my 1/72 F-14 and F-15 models.


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That's what I use. Everything is 1/72 scale, with the exception of the 1/48 VF-1J.

Of course, I bought mine in Japan, so it may not be all that much help to you.

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A lot of guys are using the Ikea display cases. I am using one my mom left me. My wife isn't really into display cases for "china" so I use it for models

Me, too. The individual spaces in a DETOLF are large enough for just about every imaginable collectible you'll want to display, from 1/6 figures to Transformers to 1/60 VF's and even 3rd party TF combiners if you remove a glass pane and merge 2 spaces into one.

I'd buy another one if I could find the space for it.

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I could be mistaken, but I think the original poster was referring to display cases for individual toys, not for collections.

Nah, it's all good. I noticed many threads have mention of a case someone uses, but it's hidden deep within threads for some specific product. Was trying to look for one someone mentioned in another thread, but never could find it again when I needed it.

Go share and describe what you all use if you like, but try and include links or descriptions on where your case, shelf, or cabinet can be found.

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My only issue with the Detolfs is that they're not dust proof; they do cut on the dust accumulation, but you still need to clean regularly. Other than that, they're great for the price.

Yeah, they do accumulate dust over time. I'm seeing if I can make a seal from strips of painted cardboard cut to length. It certainly will work, but I'm not sure about how it'll look.

Either way, the dust accumulation is pretty negligible so it's not too big of a problem with plastic figures. I can probably get away with dusting it only once every six months. My totally exposed HT 1/6 Tumbler/Batmobile, on the other hand, needs a good dusting almost every other day, or at least every week if I'm lazy.

@Kaldar: My local hobby store brings in a flat-packed clear plastic display case that's a perfect fit for VF-1's in all three modes. It's actually made of flexible plastic sheeting. The four sides are glued together, and can be folded up for easy storage. The top acts like a lid, completely sealing the inside from dust. I lost the box somewhere along the way, and can't remember the name, though. They cost around 20 USD, IIRC.

They're too small for anything larger than a VF-1 or a VF-11, however.

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I figured you were talking about the individual cases from the links. I just thought I would throw it out there. #1- you need a shelf to display them on and 2- it's more cost effective than a bunch of individual cases.

I do agree, dust control is hard with some displays. I have years of dust on some of my models. Even though my case was "dust proof" I even went as far as putting weather stripping on the doors. That dust finds it's way in there still.

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