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Yamato 1/3000 SDF-1 modification and paint up...

wm cheng

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Your work is astonishing Cheng, but i totally disagree with the use you do of the word "toy".. in my opinion this not a Toy, it is a tranformable and posable model. A "Toy" to me should be something intended to "toy" with, something that can be handled by a kid. Maybe in english you call "toys" even preassembled reproduction of something (like preassembled collectionable cars reproductions) but for me even Yamato's trasforming VFs are not Toys but rather pre-assembled, pre-painted, transforming and posable in-scale models and collectibles JUST intended for display purpose.

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On 1/11/2013 at 2:14 PM, wm cheng said:

I purposely made the conscious decision that this was a painted toy and not a model, so I left a lot of the delicate "needle-like" antennas all over this ship off - I'm not sure if I made the right decision now, but I had intended to transform it once it a while (otherwise I would have puttied and sanded every seam). Some of it is my laziness and just wanted to cut down the scope of the work involved, but basically every one of my "real-world" fighter models that had delicate pilot tubes and lightning rods (F-16) have broken off over time despite my careful handling. Oh well. The photos do get progressively better as I shoot it - like everything, I get rusty when I haven't done it in a while.

post-244-0-30763700-1357934958_thumb.jpg post-244-0-75807200-1357934959_thumb.jpg

post-244-0-26423600-1357934961_thumb.jpg post-244-0-65410500-1357934962_thumb.jpg

post-244-0-15699800-1357934964_thumb.jpg post-244-0-63997900-1357934965_thumb.jpg

post-244-0-10597000-1357934967_thumb.jpg post-244-0-50830600-1357934968_thumb.jpg

post-244-0-95699200-1357934969_thumb.jpg post-244-0-30010800-1357934971_thumb.jpg

post-244-0-52602700-1357935044_thumb.jpg post-244-0-98990200-1357935045_thumb.jpg

post-244-0-37264500-1357935047_thumb.jpg post-244-0-75688100-1357935048_thumb.jpg

Well, overall I am very happy with how it turned out and admire the ones on these boards that have gone through the extra effort of lighting them - BRAVO! That's just beyond me at the moment. Maybe in 10yrs or so when I'm no longer the center of my daughter's universe I might return to modelling like I once did, but for now, toy collecting has taken over and will have to do for now. Yamato has really outdone themselves with this stellar offering and I wholeheartedly recommend this toy to anyone still sitting on the fence about it - its truly remarkable. This and the new VF-4G Lightning has to be my all-time-favorite offerings from Yamato.

This is amazing!  Any chance you would be willing to share the city backdrop art you used?  I'd like to add it to mine.

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Sure thing!  I hope this helps all.  Please post your work so I can enjoy when you're done with them.  I got lots of help from these great forums doing this baby too.  I've included a scaled ruler in the background so if you scaled it according to the ruler you should be fine.  Good luck!

City pattern at 1-3000 composite.jpg

City pattern at 1-3000 lowerstorefronts.jpg

City pattern at 1-3000.jpg

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