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  1. Does anyone have any idea how to find what happened to these larger Lion Playmates prototypes? I'm so bummed they didn't get produced.
  2. Ah, man! That stinks. I have the Matty Voltron and the leg of the Blue Lion just snapped off while transforming it. The material choice on those lions seem so cheap to me. Thin and weak. I still enjoy it's giant presense and the chest logo-head reveal is so satisfying. Just wish it was a bit sturdier without all the spring gimmicks.
  3. Here's the art file from William Cheng. I simply printed it out on paper and placed it in there.
  4. Updated with pics of original shipping box from HLJ. Box dims are 21 x 16 x 10. Showing everything included.
  5. Thanks for the info. Do you happen to know of a video where it is shown that the arms are removable? I'm reluctant to try.
  6. So sorry. I was under the impression that you would DM me if interested. My Bad. I'm asking $800 $700 US + Shipping I was looking to sell here vs. ebay.
  7. Hello all! Looking to sell my Arcadia Premium Edition SDF-1 1/3000 transformable figure. It's the same one featured in the topic below. I wanted to check interest on this forum before I went to ebay. I'd rather sell it here if possible. Asking $800 $700 US + Shipping. Let me know if you are interested. I have the box and instructions, although, it's fully assembled and I do not think I can put it back in the box as originally shipped. (The ARMS were separate and I'm not sure they come off once attaching)
  8. So, I'm thinking of selling my ARCADIA 1/3000 MACROSS PERFECT TRANSFORMATION SDF-1 - PREMIUM EDITION (as shown in this thread). Is anyone interested?
  9. Here's video I made of the actual Arcadia Premium Edition Glow Effects. Just so you can compare. It looks a lot like what you are able to accomplish with the glow paint. Well done.
  10. Anyone looking for a Minty White G1 Jetfire? This one is really nice and complete with working landing gear: http://ebay.us/EMF7C9?cmpnId=5338273189
  11. Forgive my noob-ish questions here, but I need some help. Will any fast/super packs work on the VF-1J Bandia DX? I love the DX VF-1J and recently received the missle set. I really can't afford to go all in on VF-1S, but really dig the big thrusters and armor of the fast/super packs. I know it's not cannon with the show.
  12. Thanks for the tips. I'm not sure where the other images go. I thought they were options instead of the city, but I didn't look that close.
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