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Vintage OHsato Macross Filmstrip Stickers


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I just came across a bunch of these vinatge OHsato Macross VF series filmstrip stickers.

Does anyone know how many there are in this set as I have numbers going up to the mid twenties and would love to get hold of the ones I am missing!

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Cool, I didnt think anyone else knew about these :) Here are some pics from my website. I bought a box of these a long time ago and I counted 30 different collection seals and they are meant to be used as seals for backs of envelopes.

I have lots of doubles and I can probably find you the rest of the collection if you can let me know which ones you have :)




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I have a box of these somewhere in my case, but would need the time to draw them out from hiding. I know I don't have them all, but they are quite cool. To be honest, I haven't looked at them since the day I got them. Do the boxes come with any duplicates? Maybe if that's a possibility, we can trade so that we can all get the entire set. Had I not seen this thread, I would still have forgotten I even had some of these.

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Wow those pics look great Totoro242! Thanks for sharing. If you got more pics, please post!

Just wish those original filmstrips were available for purchase like cels. :p

Yes, that would be cool. But as far I know, Macross TV was never commited to film except maybe a few sequences used in DYRL trailers.

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