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My Yamato 1/48 VF-1S with fastpacks decalled...

wm cheng

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I think it's suppose to be upside down during battroid. The Battroid mode was suppose to be a super secret project so seeing the gunpod upside down during fighter would have been kinda strange. It's too bad they dont make the gun muzzle rotate so that the text would read upright in any mode. Not nitpicking... I just thought of that myself...

Great job Master Cheng! Simply amzing!!!

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U.N. Spacy is definitely supposed to be right-side up in fighter mode. Which, of course, makes it upside down in fighter mode.

The only alternative, of course, is to do it differently on each side.

Whenever you see it right-side up in battroid, I'm assuming someone is taking artistic license because, like you, they just don't like to see it upside down.

Since it never appears on any guns in the actual anime however (that I'm aware), I don't think we can say with absolute certainty. Unless, of course, designworks or something like that spells it out.


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WOW. Absolutely the best 1/48 Strike VF-1 I have seen EVER. WM Cheng, you have definitely made a great looking toy look stunning in every mode.

To all the 1/48 bashers out there.....I challenge you to make your 1/60's, chunkey monkeys, or MPC's look this good, even with customization.

Great work, fellow Torontonian!

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A beautiful masterpiece!!!

Yamato should hire you as an adviser and consultant, that way all our macross toys would look like yours not to mentioned Anasazi for his decals/stickers quality. Hey graham, are you watching this thread, please show this to yamato.


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Just beautiful....

For those that are interested, I am willing to detail your 1/48's for you. See what I did with the Club-M Ultimate 1/48. I could do the same to your Yamato. PM me if you are interested.

Great job wm cheng!


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Amazing, simply amazing. As always.

I'm going to improve my vf-1a fp as soon as I receive it... yep, you are an inspiration for all of us.

Thanks for the pics!!!


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