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The Laws of the Macross Universe


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Oh oh - don't forget the 'inexperienced' hero of the series will always climb into a Valkyrie for the first time and kick ass, while clumsily hobbling around!

- Hikaru

- Shin

- That dude from M.Frontier

Are you watching Gundam: Macross? :lol:

Hikaru: He kicked no ass....crashed into buildings and stuff and saved minmay yes.

Shin: He got his ass kicked...literally by Nora.

Alto: Not sure...frontier 2 isn't out but i'm guessing that VF-25 is gonna get wrecked.

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Hikaru got his first kill out of straight fear, no military training, I wouldn't even call it luck. And the fact that he crashed through a bunch of buildings, with himself admitting to getting shot down. Shin, he only kicked ass in the 3rd ep when he finally learned how to fly the VF-0 only to get shot down by Nora at the end. And girly fag-boy in MF, I just hope he dies for now.

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It's kinda implied that Alto from frontier is part of a student training corp, kinda like the JROTC, excpet with Valkyires, why else would they be practicing precision using mock-ups of the valkyrie controls to make paper aeroplanes, in fact it's specifically stated that the gear they use is military spec, he even uses it to directly interface with a millitary valkyrie with no modification.

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Well Basara was the first to "hit on" Gamlin. Remember that Basara sang to Gamlin and Gamlin was giggling like a light school girl and Mylene was going 'wtf??'

Macross Law:

- Every 25 years all of the existing story's get merged together.

- China girls are small and somewhat bratty.

- Pop stars are vain slurms.

- The main lead always ends up with the responsible mature girl.

- Wearing non-hero colors means that your cannon fodder.

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1- It doesn't matter where you keep those mini-missiles. You'll have an infinite amount no matter which Valkyrie you pilot.

2- If you happen to be a young girl and a popular singer, your chances of getting the lead male at the end of the show is... ZILCH.

3- If you have long, light-colored hair and always have them get in the way of your vision, and never seem to age, you must be a genius pilot! *cough*Max*cough*

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Pineapple salad is HIGHLY overated.

haha, that one was my favorite. and about that... what's with the friggin pineapple? since when did it become the universal macross symbol for death ("pineapple salad" and "romanesque")??

ok. some more:

1. Human military technology gets more advanced each year -- but an incoming alien threat will always kick humanity's arsse at the start.

2. Skull team still rules!

3. Military controls humanity - but an IDOL trumps military ("of course you're allowed to go home, Minmei. We'll even give you one of our pilots as your escort. And you want to bring back your cousin? SURE!")

4. In the macross universe, you can HEAR space warfare. Down to the mecha transformation sounds. oh yes, indeed. :)

5. Zentraedis don't know how to shut off a video or radio broadcast, even if it's killing them

6. Macross citizens can build and/or repair a whole frackin city in seconds. anywhere.

7. Chinese food rules!! (nyan nyan!!)

more to come. :p

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In Macross universe, enemy capital ship can only be destroyed by:

- Macross cannon

- Super VF-1

- ARMD carriers

- Suicidal armored VF-11C

Meanwhile allied capital ship are destroyed by various mean:

- Enemy capital ship

- Tons of beer cans from Q-Raus

- Freakin huge monsters

- Enemy valk with huge gun

- A nuke from it own munition

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