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  1. I have read some scattered comments related to the size of Zentradis on older threads that did not seem to get any response and I found them to be quite interesting. So according to these comments scientists have stated that huge versions of living creatures as we know them are sometimes impossible due to physical constraints, i.e. you cant have a 50 feet insect. Anyway, do anyone knows if there is documented impossibility for humans to become as big as the Zentradi are?
  2. I thought the same. By the way I dont really see any similitudes with SAW. I only watched the first one, but is SAW also related to a demon from Hell? As far as I remember the bad guy was a bald dude.
  3. Yes there is. Some stuff is brilliant. Cant remember they saying "Dead By Dawn" in this movie; that was so cool in ED2.
  4. I had these when I was in high school, I remember teachers being desperate to stop us from buying them, saying these cards were distributed with drug chewing gum. hahaha , nobody cared about that kind of slander and we buy them anyway, they were sold on particular places as they were not freely available in Mexico
  5. 1. How do I get the subs to work? I had to use Greenfish subtitle player. Given it only works with .srt files, I had to use Subtitle Edit 3.3 to translate .SSA files into .SRT files. Both are freeware. So I had one software rendering the video/sound and Greenfish on top of it rendering the subtitles. Yes its a dirty workaround but it worked for me
  6. I would suggest Macross 7. It will grow on you, believe me. Just give it a first try, have patience and watch after the 13 th chapter. I remember not liking it at first, but it grew on me. Mylene is the cutest character I have found in an anime so far, she steals the show many times along the series. The plot becomes more and more exciting as time goes by, I dont want to throw spoilers, but man when Max's fleet is trying to catch Miria's through spacefolds most be the most thrilling things I have seen in the Macross series. I really feel the link between SDFM and M7 because Max and Miria are there almost every episode. Yes there is silines but when I finished watching... I just wanted to watch more. I bet M7 was a huge hit in the 90s. I can understand why people bash it, but it is just to fun to miss it.
  7. hahaha, The SDF-2 exists only in the mind of Carl Macek. The animation shows the bridge bunnies and Misa working in another part of the Macross, after the space war. When the Macross was supposed to stay still with half of its body inside water; they are located in another part of the SDF-1, they work there as a dispatch for several missions. I guess Carl Macek thought the setting was a bit confusing hence, I believe, he came up with the idea they were inside another ship, the SDF-2. It is all RT nonsense.
  8. Quite interesting ! I was also seeing in another video with Mr Neil Tyson, he comments it was a common idea in the 60s
  9. I found this video about space elevators and how it could be possible to build one developing our baby nano-technology It astonishes me how Orguss used the idea 30 years ago!!
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