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should the zentradis be the majority after space


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Hi All,

I was wondering with the most of the human population wiped (except for those in the Grand Canon) when the Zentradis bombarded earth at the end of Space War One, and with most Breetai's fleet survived, shouldn't the human race be a minority rather than the majority ?


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Well, I suspect a lot of the survivors never figured out the whole sexual reproduction thing.

Also notable is the humans engaged in a massive cloning effort to boost hte population, stopping only when birth defects started rising. I suspect they also encouraged large families with tax credits and such.

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i think they went in the south hemisphere, or something like that.

They didn't mix with humans. And macross is essentially the story of the humans through the war, so maybe that's why they don't speak much about zentraedi

Another point of view : don't take this story as a real story. Some points are not occurate. it's just a tale... don't try to understand every thing because it's just wrong.

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Up to 1 million microns right after the war.

a 100 ally Zentradi ships after the war.

Boldolza's fleet had:

Personnel (7,500,000,000 Approximately)

Capital Ships (4,795,122)

about 1564 Zentrans per ship. Times 100 means 150,000 or so Zentrans on or near Earth. Humans would still be the majority around the planet.

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