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Suggestions for alternate VF-0 color schemes


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This dobber-scheme-ish VF-0 would make an awesome repaint, especially if Yamato does the Dobber Scheme SV-51. :)

Non-VF-0 repaints, I think that this grey VF-19A would rock. Even better if the nose sensors were red instead of green. Pics are from the VF-1 Riders site.



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I've always been a fan of this scheme.


Yeah, that one is nice. I love the two seater vf-0. I hope that Yamato will do some. I suppose that they are probably going to do the VF-0D which is a two seater. Does the Vf-0B go into battroid mode (in general, not that model)?

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SO of those that I posed I like the CF beige colors the best and the Blue but the VF-0D will be similar so I will wait until Yamato makes that one.

I like the blue one the best and then the beige one.

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A white type (low-vis?) colour scheme of the SV-51 would be awesome. Even go as far as a Skull 1 paint colour.

Wouldn't that be sexy as? Same as a Whitish low-vis YF-21. That i want.

For the Zero? Perhaps a darker scheme (Ivanov black?, no... a RED scheme would be sweeet.

lol, you could just reverse the colour schemes, name it.. "Alternate Hero/s colour schemes!"

Like Ivanov VF-0S (black with Anti-UN TAMPO markings.

Same as for Nora, Give her a VF-0A Pink and ... Gold lol.

and here we go with Roy and Shin,

Roy gets his SV-51 in Skull 1 colours

and Shin gets well Shin's colour.

Isn't that a great marketing ploy? Alternate Hero Scheme's...

make sure Yamato places RuskiiVFaussie on the sticker sheet too.

How's that Graham? They have already advertised the whole Hero Valks VS so and so. (Shin vs Nora, Roy vs Ivanov etc)


OMFG.... can someone please try to do that on PhotoShop, Gimp or whatever? I would really love to see how that bird looks on Roy's colours..


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I'd love to see a VF-0S done in an F-14 scheme, with the sharkmouth and all. Great way to pay tribute to the plane that gave us valks as we know them.

Black goes with anything...so I agree with the stealth choice as well.

Maybe a metallic silver/chromish one as well...

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I don't like the stealth scheme that much. True, black makes anything look better, but the VF-0 shape would make it impossible to employ true stealth (as it currently works) so why bother. I'd say go for the more anime colors, like the red/gold

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  • 13 years later...

I know I'm about 14 years late but, looking here it has given me some good ideas for VF-0 and SV-51 schemes. When I get them applied I'll send them here if anyone is still active here and is interested. My current plane is a VF-111 paint scheme for a VF-0, Along with a SV-51 in Roy Focker's VF-0 scheme, and a VF-0 in a heavily tomcat inspired scheme. When I get them colored and ready I'll send the images here. As It will take a bit as I plan to draw these out and show em.

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