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Next Project Ii


Which one you want a kit?  

41 members have voted

  1. 1. Which one you want a kit?

    • Minmaychan in battroid suit
    • Melissa Mao in long dress
    • Nene undressing hard suit
    • Black canary
    • Ada Wong
    • Pirotess
    • Abbey Chase
    • Peorth in lingerie
    • Motoko Kusanagi

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I am assuming this will be in 1/6th scale? If so, my vote would be for



I gotta agree. But because I wanna see his new eye making technique done on this elf and I wanna see how he will handle the long hair too!

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Definely!! A Minmay in battroid suit!!!

But I would like in your future proyects kits of other macross women with casual dress, like Misa or Claudia, or Miria in wedding dress :)

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Other than minmay, i have no idea who the other people are! But I must admit, Ryuji has amazing sculpting skills.

Ryuji, have you ever visited planetfigure.com? It's a great spot for sculptors, but most of the people specialize in military miniatures. Still, I think your stuff would be very well received.

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