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Yf-23 Adopted By Un Spacy...


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I don't think this has been pointed out before; I did a search and couldn't find a reference.

I was looking through my copy of Miyatakes Design Works the other day, and I noticed something on page 36. At the top of the page, theres a rough of the "X-01" hangar from Macross Plus New Edwards base. Lined up on the ramp are the YF-19 and...

...the YF-23. No, not the YF-21, the YF-23! :o

See? It made it into service after all, it just took forty years for the military to realise how awesome it is... :lol:

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It's the canards that remind me of the X-29. The canards on a VF-9 are closer to a triangle-shape. Those canards are more trapezoidal or due to size (the only thing that had those distinguishable canards, in my memory is the X-29)...like the X-29, which is why it reminded me of it. But you're right, it does look like a VF-9, minus the canards. :)

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Looks more like a storyboard excerpt to me. Notice the arrows drawn in to show a direction of object or camera movement  in the scene?


I have to agree. It may just serve as reference for the actual valks themselves since those profiles are similar in shape.


As I said, place holders.....

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