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The Most Versatile Word


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Interesting Topic. May I remind the topic starter and any else reading that. The topic that was here is pretty much off topic. Besides that it is topic about nonsense (see regs). Really we don't need look at some stupid unrelated crap I found on the net.

Then off course its features a vulgar word that another Mod edited out for fun. really if some said the word here I think we might let it slide depending how it was used. Really it would fall under interpretation by the moderators. I think the poster was very careless. Considering Agent got a ban for much worst. The post will get one too.

Let this be a lesson. If you post some off topic related crap at least make sure its general presentation of content is something we would at allow. It is careless posters like this who make us crack down on all the fun. Instead of deleting all semi-off topics to get people on track gonna instead make some examples of the most serious offenders.

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hehe I know. your link is being censored chancge art to uck


You're right! MW censors the F word in the hyperlink. So, everyone, just do as Zentrandude suggests and replace the last three letters of the address after you click on the link.

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