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5 hours ago, sqidd said:

Is that a re-issue of the one you did a review on in 2016? Or a new figure?


Mazinkaiser =/= Mazinger 


I'm sort of understanding the undersizing on Grendizer now with the Spazer exo suit since Mazinger ends up still being the smallest. Can't wait to shoot them together. 

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On 11/26/2019 at 7:16 PM, Kuma Style said:


Go! Mighty Orbots! 

There was a Japan-only release of the Mighty Orbots based on the God Mars back in the 80's.  Good show for its time, with some of the best animation.

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On 12/7/2019 at 8:37 AM, Kuma Style said:


Reminds me of the designs for the  DICE, or Dinobreaker, series, especially the red one .

I never knew there was a n all-moto combiner, either. It is Japanese, so not surprising. It had to happen.:lol: Pretty neat.

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The full review article and gallery for the AlphaMax D.H. Gokin Jeeg is up on KumaStyle.com: https://kumastyledesigns.com/dh-gokin-jeeg-review/


Article gives a full breakdown but overall it's an absolutely beautiful piece outright plagued with quality issues throughout both the figure and its accessories which makes for a lot of disappointment, particularly at the higher cost of it. you have to give a lot of credit to the company for them really going the distance in terms of covering so many aspects of the mecha in a single release. The end score was a 5.5 as it's just not one I can recommend in good faith.

Here are some pics from the gallery portion:




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