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Things to do in Northern Europe?


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I'm meeting my brother in Copenhagen, Denmark next month and were going to fart around Northern Europe for a couple of weeks before heading to Bamburg, Germany where he's stationed for a couple more. Aside from Kronborg Castle and the Tower of London we have nothing planned out at all. Does anyone have any suggestions of cool places to go, things to see/do?

And please don't say Amsterdam. I've already been there and done that. :rolleyes:

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And please don't say Amsterdam. I've already been there and done that.
IF you remember you were there you didn't do it right! Heck... I only know I went to brussels after amsterdam because my passports says so LOL.

A good friend recently went to bosnia. He had a great time and ate at 4 star restaraunts dirt cheap. He does speak fluent russian though and had to hide his americanism LOL.

Let me think... Camden market in london is worth seeing one day. Right near bryant park is freddy mercury's old house and you can piss on the wall [at least I did].stonehenge, isle of white, blarney stone,

Everybody should do the amsterdam "thing" on morrison's grave in pierre lachaise paris. If you can manage to find a way in the french catacombs are awsome. Just don't get caught entering/leaving them as foriegn cops like to smack around smart-ass americans [or maybe it was just me :rolleyes: ]

auto bonn for a drive

go see a dyke

red light district amsterdam or germany

the vatican

st pauls cathedral

there's a lot more to do and see but... to be honest I don't remember that much from that period of my life. Heck, I don't remember yesterday to be honest, cough cough.

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...the vatican

Boy, you must have had a great time in Amsterdam if you saw the Vatican in Northern Europe! :p

Amsterdam is the only place in Northern Europe I've been to. Everywhere else has been Eastern/Southern Europe.

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