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  1. Ranka for sure is popular here . And you forgot the "sayonara " that she said in the last episode. Even if we know she will come back, looks like she listened to your song
  2. I finally had time to watch it, rawiser ..... This is a bit late but she leaved this early in the serie ? I would have think it will occur not right after the attack by the vajra... She looks more like a 17 years old girl here than the previous episode. Her look in the V-F27 and her decision to quit Frontier showed it. At last!! Plus, she didn't bother to ask Ozma's permission or Alto's advice. Luca changed in a good way too. Looks like this puppy cheeks from the beginning had their purpose ... Ai-kun transformation gave me pokemon vibes I thought Klan will be ubiquitous in this episode but I was wrong. For the end, Ao no Ether with the dramatic plot was well made! But isn'it strange she keeps seeing or thinking of Brera when she recovers her memories but hasn't made the link yet ? We are in the 21 episode and since episode 7 they keep moping their relationship even though it was too obvious since the beginning. I already said it but VF Messiah, this is a long drag.... Is he really nothing over than her brother's cyborg ? There is something wrong here...
  3. Michel died for Klan it will be a huge waste if she dies as well. She better lives . I'm a on the few who think of a possible death for Ranka and one of the few who hope/think about a RankaxAlto ending ? Don't ask me ! But I do love all comic stuff even if it wasn't that much intented at the beginning... Too good to be true ?! Well 01am Good night! My brain can't keep up anymore....
  4. So Taniguchi sadly entered in the show biz world... I don't know that much about Code Geass since I dropped after the eight first episode ... I heard about the second season too and..... I said Ranka death might explain the absence of a second season but I even though like you: it wasn't planned since the beginning. I don't know who could replaced him thought, Luca isn't going to Mikhailized soon. I don't expect much from him thought. But who know it could be a ...shock. I'm not sure they will want her, thought She better stay away from them if she want to make it until the end, she may be the songstress but there is only one queen. The final episode which everyone is looking forward to will give us the answer. Well if they will make it until the end I also think her memory, her past is the key to all this confused mind of mine... If you think Ranka fell short in episode 20, the next episode should even things out At last ! I must say, though, that Ranka's poor figure was vastly exagerated by shippers <<Why do I sense you're a fan of her chara design too ?! Gundam ?! You're harsh here ! Except the noses they were fine. you should take a look at Gundoh Musashi Evangelion and Gundam are a walkover next to that.
  5. Maybe Ranka will become fused with Ai-Kun or will get assimilated in a Birdman style cockpit... or something... << Indeed I don't even want to thiink of what she will look like.... Or maybe she will go berserk and Alto will have to kill her... No, seriously, I think episode 21/22 are needed to know more about the glowing belly and mostly her past .
  6. As long as she doesn't die from a takoyaki party it should be fine
  7. I though about it too she's like the main character in the story even if she isn't the only one anymore. She is the one who had more screentime since day one. The whole story turns around her with Grace,Sheryl Alto around. So a Ranka dead at the end might also be the climax of the story. This could explain why a second season is not planned except the financial question. Killing her will be really surprising and unexpected. What I mean is that , like in LOGH, Reinhard death was the continuation of his character. He killed many people even if it was for a good cause ,... He was the main character and I don't know for you but I though he would died in a battle not in his bed... I know, LOGH has nothing to do with Macross and Reinhard has nothing in common with ranka (He is by far superior in all way I'm the first to admit it) but it crossed my mind... I think the same for Ranka but hope you're right about a Ranka who takes flight with the vajra or simply goes peacefully. Sheryl could have a clone sister Well come to think of it this may be her cure ? Right. Even if she leads frontier to victory at the end, realizes her mistakes, that alto isn't the only thing she can lead on... even if she does it , I hope they give her a radical change. Well I'm not leaving the ship , I like Ranka's character more than Sheryl but in the last episode... she wasn't at her best. And the time is running out ? But I hope you guys are right and I'm totally wrong this time . I think exactly the same for Bobby. Sad , Ozma will at least confess to him like Michel with Klan...
  8. I don't know if there will be a second season and it looks like everybody think there will not be one ( If Sheryl dies, a second season will be a flop ) So if there isn't a second season, I think Ranka has high chances to die at the end. She isn't the one responsible for the catastrophe but didnt' act like Sheryl said, a pro. Sheryl taked the role of the songstress in episode 20. I don't know what they can do with Ranka for putting her in,( obviously it was supposed to be her role in the serie but it failed with an imposing Sheryl), the character who learn from his mistakes and transforms into a hero or a likeable character( for those who Ranka= heroine is unbelievable). Since episode 12 ,13 I didn't see a turnaround in her character. With 5 episode to go, this is likely impossible to catch up next to Sheryl's total change in her character. She can't end up like Minmay by ending the war in singing to after disappear and that's all, Frontier is safe, people live even if they barely died... But this could happen until the two last episode. People in Frontier thinks now she is an impostor because didn't do anything. Even if she wants to stop beeing a tool this is a bit late. Her death seems the only way to make an epic end with a fantastic twist in her character. Sheryl is already dying( many think she will live thought) so it will not be surprising. So at the end, she dies, Alto and sheryl live . Or a barely alive Minmay in her 60's lands from the SDF 2 with Miku at the controls and save the day
  9. I voted Ranka... but know she will not make it in this poll either . You wrote it as if you were a part of the staff . I know, this is a pure, speculation from your side, but too "shoujo-ized..." They will become a couple ? They will spend what time they have left together ? Ranka runs off into the sunset ? I'm not a staff member but I know this isn't going to happen. I don't see why it could be an unbelievable story. They didn't dropped the scene with alto and ranka in episode 13 for nothing. They didn't left things from this episode as they are now for making it look like the most useless scene of MFrontier. They choose instead to focus on Sheryl and Alto. And we ended up seeing what happenned in episode 20 between those two. The most unbelievable for me is your assumption with they spend what time they have left together, while Ranka runs off into the sunset with the Vajra and Brera in tow. I didn't understand the second part of the sentence, Sheryl theory ? Or, maybe all Ranka's fan left and the Sheryl ones are at the controls now Seriously, this is happenning everywhere on the blogs, websites etc... Everyone thinks Sheryl now is the only option left for Alto with a Ranka who taked a KO in the triangle , it seems since episode 18, with the GAME OVER at episode 20. This is really difficult to defend her after episode 20 next to an amazing Sheryl but too soon to declare the party OVER
  10. LOL I leave and when I come back I find out some people let off steam on my already poor popularity rating I don't think they will kill Klan, it will be too much a drama . For Cathy this is more complicated they can't kill Ozma because it will made too much "widow"( Klan and her). I said either Cathy or Ozma last time but after watching the 19 and 20 it's as if they decided to not move apart the two in life, like after... EDIT : STFU ? Kronnang Dunn I completely forgot...thx.
  11. I think all the people who go for Tai chi are attracted by this ying/yang developpement force but I don't know. they said it was accessible for evreyone and like you said when you go take a look you realize it's really supposedly for older folks. but if you're 30 it's the major part of the people who practice it I think . Yoga is also full of spirituality thought but I think we know why we don't want to try it
  12. No, but unlike what I read here, a big hit can change it.
  13. Sudden change of sheryl's voice when Alto grabs her head
  14. Judo at 8 or 9 I think , karate at 10 and now jiu jitsu bresilien . I did some gymnastic so wanted to try Qi Gong and Tai chi chuan but I think they're for older people ( my impression when you see the people who are in practice)... Judo or karate should be fine .In taekwondo is more like hawkish for a child
  15. Sheryl to die ?The Most unlikely to happen . If she succeed to die after grasping her hopes and dreams like that...., Nanase wil be the one to pull the trigger I will stick with what I said for Michel, Mr Glass and will put Cathy instead of this hot number of Ozma.He had better be able to back it up! , if not I'm done
  16. The inside is surely functional unlike outdoors I knew I saw Toshiro Mifune in The legend of Musashi . Nevermind , before I start writing without being able to stop : thanks .
  17. Next time you dropped by don't forget your camera The thread, worst mustang ever could be a big hit
  18. He was really a funny character and it must have been the same in the real life. He showed his skills in the BMS and was as talented in transformers even if it was for a few minutes. This is quite sad.
  19. Flashy cars with stripes or made of a fluorescent color are sure popular here Hope you will post some original ones like the ford grand torino or the dodge dart . By the way can you tell me who are the person on your avatar except Clint and Mister T ? You're an ultra I don't know much for the mustang but there are worst than that( for the pimped ones)
  20. Brera, Grace and Sheryl are the only recent ones who are from Galaxy. sheryl is clearly the victim here and Brera doesn't even know who he really is. Come to think of it, Brera is clearly a cyborg who doesn't have his childhood memory, just like Sheryl who doesn't remember her past but what Grace told her to remember. She also seems to have been modified even though she was human. I don't remember seeing Galaxy people except these three. I also think that something else happenned to Galaxy which may have became a experimentation colony... This is too easy to accuse Grace, the only one until here who put the evil mask, but Bilrer is suspect too... I didn't see this even in this position seems more like a machine for me but I don't get any vibe yet except the weird one I don't think he had to lie about this in the hospital if this was true. It's OK for me. I liked more triangler when I first listened to it.
  21. WHAT ?!!! I didn't see RT, but the MA-KU-ROSSSS in SDF is... good I liked listening to the OP, it was not so good for my stomack thought
  22. They wouldn't use such a outdated technology but she sure seems to be an insane character . While sharon was more of a useless psycho, Grace doesn't even know this feeling she 's more the workalcoholic type. Grace is better than SA ....for me Well, I was expecting a eight eyed vajra for the horror part, it seems more like a machine here thought. I can barely see one head so for two people.... Maybe above at the right ..I can catch a glimpse of the hair but that's all. I though it could be another vajra because of the claw at the left like here http://img171.imageshack.us/my.php?image=12lo5lx7vw4.jpg But looks like there isn't similarities. She would have killed them before... Leon is more fit for her !
  23. Bio-mechanical machine/ Bionic woman /Alien ...... = OGM Here is my crazy theory .... It's looking a bit iffy for her here, but It would be too much dramatic if she dies from illness. Once you hit rock bottom, you can do only one thing , rise again ( or stay in the hole but Sheryl ....., giving up ??!! I doubt ) I disagree with you BUT' for now : The love plot........I'm fed up I just hope Ranka doesn't die at the end . After this ALTo/Sheryl/Ranka...,God!, Advil please . Here is my crazy theory ( seems plausible for me thought ): ( Half asleep now..I should stop here for not having another crazy explanation following the others) Or a duet/duo ? I almost forgot, what is this ? : http://img113.imageshack.us/my.php?image=89816728ew9tx0.jpg http://img113.imageshack.us/my.php?image=74625564ma2qw9.jpg
  24. Too bad... I just read the rules I didn't know it was forbidden. It must be a part of spamming? Sorry Yeah I didn't know it , but hey! Did you heard/read him? Looks like you might be the next too C'est à moi de vous poser la question !
  25. Too expensive.......... for me I though so . In april, heard it's price and ...prefer the L gallardo
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