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  1. You have a good memory. I just remember that he encoutered Lohengramm or Kircheis , I think it's the last though, at some ceremony when his eyes showed signs of weakness... Talking about Hilda, she was the woman who dressed constantly as a man,so she was an outstanding female character, but it didn't mean anything though , since you said it she appeared earlier.
  2. I didn't read the comments above me but I missed it, funny! I still didn't get over the " germs: go to Sheryl's belly" part ... My,my... Poor Ranka
  3. I think they could change the color, it's always red...... This isn't a ferrari . And this citroen is not ugly @agent ONE, I have seing by far, worst... than that from this brand. She is a bit much thought.
  4. 1 Ranka 2 Ozma 3 Michel 4 Brera 5 Alto 6 Nanase 8 Klan 7 Grace 8 Sheryl 9 Luca It's not like I prefer Grace over Sheryl, but I think you can see how Grace was an important character even if evil she has a meaning to exist. I know, here the major part of members are rooting for Sheryl. But I didn't find her that amazing except in one episode the 21 . It's as if they extended Sheryl's character in the story just for her to be the rival in love for Ranka. Of course , she is Mao 's granddaughter but what was the link with Macross Frontier ?!How did they use it ? So Mao gave her the earrings and that's all ? In episode 18 we learned that she was dying, and everybody made speculation about how she will be cure... I would have never imagined that Ranka would say/do something like " go into her belly" and fantastic, Sheryl is cured ... So what was the meaning of spending time with Sheryl's disease if it was to cure her in the most hilarious and simple way ? I think it was a huge waste of time for the story and they could have describe more Bilrer's intention or place in the story, same thing for Ozma, or even add more information about Galaxy and fights ... I even wonder now why Michel died since he was supposed to be the reason for Alto's choice between Sheryl and Ranka in the story. Here, also this was a waste not of time but for his character. I would have love to see him Macronize since he had zentradi origins too, but, no, instead of that they made him play the big brother role for Alto, who forced him, to face his feelings for nothing, since at the end " you're both my wings" pretty discredit Michel's meaning in the story. But I liked his character and how he was as dense as Alto in a way since he wasn't aware of Klan 's feelings for him, but was aware of his reponsabilities towards his role on Frontier, unlike someone else who noticed it at the end ... If I have to blame Kawamori for the characters, I will say that the gap between Sheryl and Ranka was too big and Ranka had no chance to win the audience unlike Sheryl. Sheryl like I said it here before, had all, the face, the body, the voice , the forceful character, ... Ranka, she, had her cute face, a body of a 12 years old girl, a shy character.... Now when we compare the two, it's clear Sheryl had more qualities than Ranka. But it was all right since it was compensated by Ranka's place in the story, her role with the vajra which were supposed to show how a shy girl like her could become a mature woman throught the story plot. (I don't even think Ranka was supposed to take Minmay's road until the end...) But, they put the " Sheryl is dying " card which was pretty unfair for Ranka since at that time, they didn't show us how Ranka has matured ,which happenned in the 21 when she leaved Frontier. So obviously all viewers took sympathy for a character like Sheryl who was at the top of her glory, and began to lose everything she had but kept singing and even began to show her inner beauty ? . This is a pure fantasy here; even Brithney Spears cannot do it.... They spended time to show how Sheryl wasn't the Sheryl of episode 1 but couldn't do the same with Ranka who was the main girl in the story ? That's why I put Sheryll in the bottom of my list for the favorite characters. It seems she took too much screentime with her disease which was cured in 10 seconds and overshadowed Ranka,Michel,Brera's role in the story. Even before knowing she was dying, they showed us, how much she was the victim of the destiny or of random events but not for Ranka who was always compared to Minmay or Mao in the plot. I know Ranka's chara design was done on purpose, her character too, but I'm sure Sheryl's place on the story wasn't initially that big if not, they wouldn't have made Alto says " I will kill Ranka" = Sakura's sentence who must kill her love, they wouldn't have made that fast cure for her, .... So at the end, I may be an intruder here, but I think Sheryl 's role in the story was to be a idol love interest, and that's how they showed her in the story. Her dying was revealed to be an unnecessary twist in the story, which I regret profondly. I hope Ranka will have the place she deserves in the movie.
  5. The music and the mecha fights make Macross a special serie. Nothing to do with Gundam... But for the tactic side combined with the political one, LOGH fits better, even if there aren't mecha in there. Anyway: Remember the old days? Before high speed connections, before YouTube, before the Internet? Too young for this thread.
  6. I don't expect it to surpass LOGH, definitely not... Except if Reinhard and Oberstein make their come back ...
  7. Watch the first season which was well made, then the first five episode of the second season and I dropped it like Code Geass.... What 's with that come back in a feudal time and with this woman who kill people out of emotion ? Too much for me... Wait to see for the season 3....
  8. If he kills her and then comes back to act the princess in Kabuki,well he is a pretty good actor
  9. I don't know what they could put in a second season. People say Galaxy VS Frontier but looks like it could happen on the final episode. Nothing is better, than dragging the plot just because of the recent success. Code Geass is the perfect example. If one of the three main character dies, you can say bye bye to a second season. If Ranka dies this is not a bye bye anymore like in episode 6 but Goodbye to another season. Most of all, if this is Sheryl who dies ,with a second season , Macross will encountered his biggest turkey in his story. But I think Ranka has highest chance than Sheryl to buy the farm at the end ,because Kawamori would not want to put a charm and buy a bulletproof vest
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